I Can't put Buried's nav card into Buried's nav card table.

Black Ops II Wii-U

Now before you say anything....Yes, I know the Die Rise Nav card is suppose to go into the Buried's nav card table, but the last 5 times now that I have put all the nav cards in their correct place, I can't ever put the Nav card in Buried's! Yes I'm single player, yes I got all richtoffen's easter eggs done for all the maps, and yes I know what I'm doing...other than why it seems like the Nav card table has been glitched out for quite some time. I've tried this for 2 weeks now. Please someone help! lol thanks    

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9/10 times, the reason you cannot put the card in is because you have been in a co-op game were someone else has done it in one of the games. If playing in co-op and someone enters a card, it registers that you have also, so until you clear the Easter eggs, you cannot put the card in again.

That is about the only reason I could think of why it does not work.

Tranzit card   =  Die Rise table

Die Rise card =  Buried table

Buried card   =  Tranzit table

You are doing them in the about order, yes?

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Does the order matter?

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