Im pretty sure sgt frank woods (james C burns) just confirmed black ops 3

Black Ops II Wii-U

Anybody remember a lightening horse being mentioned?

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Yeah, that is the type of thing I am talking about. He gave a vague guess at what we should have expected from Tranzit and he pretty much got all of it wrong.

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Well hes a voice actor, not a writer or developer... I doubt he has or ever had the full story, just stuff about his lines/character and some internal stuff that they told everyone at Treyarch about. I wouldn't consider him a reliable source.

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I wouldn't consider anyone from Treyarch a reliable source tbh.

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What makes you say that?

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Black Ops 3 or a new title, I don't really care. What I just DON'T hope for, is another modern version. I mean, MW3, BO2 and now Ghosts. Plus that we had MW2 and MW3 (as Death said, were amazing). But modern war games doesn't feel like... wars. They don't have that intense feeling of a war. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go and play COD 5 (World at War). To me, WaW is THE Call of Duty. Black Ops was all ok, I really really liked BO1. BO2 was ok to me, but it doesn't have that feeling to it at all. If Treyarch is smart, they go back to World War 2. Or even World War 1. THOSE are true war experiences. I'm not saying I'm glad that the world wars happened (of course), but thinking about the nazis, the old style wars, the trenches, the concentration camps, and everything around WW2, I feel we NEED to go back there i order to get a good CoD.

I thought Ghosts would be good, but, it's really just like MW3. We need the good old war feeling. Again, I'm NOT saying I'm a fan of what happened in the war, NOT AT ALL. I'm just saying, it has such good history when we think about it now, 70 years later. If we get another modern CoD, I'm not sure if I'll buy it at all, since the modern CoDs are getting... old.

And of course, it HAS to include Zombies

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The first time I played the campaign to WaW, the final level, where you raise the Russian flag in Berlin, brought a tear to my eye. Only then to have nacht afterwards. I just had my mind blown. No other COD game has done that for me.

It was brilliant. Totally agree with you Burning Fighter, for me WaW is also THE Call Of Duty. The feeling was so intense.

In fact, I think when I get home I'm going to go replay the campaign .

But back to zombies, how are they going to tie in zombies with another WW1/2 setting without totally destroying everything?

You could have a rival group to 935, and at some point, the rival group kill the O4, or at least stop Richtofen? Perhaps just before Moon, deeming all bo2 maps (and the moon easter egg) void.

Imagine it, a clean slate, with WW2 weapons, reasons for new Wonder Weapons, new characters to develop etc.

It could literally be a group from anywhere, an Axis group, Russian, British, American, a secret group,hell, even Japanese! But not even Richtofen or Maxis knew of it. The new group knew of what Richtofen/ Maxis were doing, and were making similar things.

Maybe even a final game mode with the last dlc, a grief map with o4 vs new group.

Either way, I've gone on a bit. Soz guys.

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