Im pretty sure sgt frank woods (james C burns) just confirmed black ops 3

Black Ops II Wii-U

So watch this video:

From his official channel

He mentions and hints at a new call of duty multiple times.

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After listening to what he had to say before and during Black Ops 2, I am not overly keen on taking anything he has to say very seriously at all, but if they do go ahead and make a Black Ops 3, I will be bitterly disappointed.

Black Ops 2 campaign was terrible. It was a stupid storyline that was not necessary. I would rather see a new game with an original story, but I expect the same generic title seeing as Ghosts is just the same generic garbage as Modern Warfare, despite the fact that MW1 and MW2 were awesome.

Either way, we need to move away from the tired modern combat and try something new. Either go back to WW1 or WW2, or even try out another Vietnam title. If not, then it needs to be (very) futuristic. They have too many modern combat CoD titles these days, and we already know that IW will milk Ghosts now for at least one more sequel.

CoD needs a full makeover... fast!

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They never done a WW1 title

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I was meaning they SHOULD do one, not that they actually did. Still... nice to see that is your ONLY contribution towards the discussion.

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I don't think Black Ops 3 is a good choice either. I think they should start over, as far as the campaign goes at least.

Start from WW2 again with changes to history to keep from getting stagnant. Hitler betrayed and replaced by someone more interesting and unique? Allied forces still winning, but just barely and with a lot more casualties, affecting the world in a more dramatic way, a way that I'll leave more creative people to come up with . Having the antagonist survive for next game in a clever way would help make him a more memorable character. (More memorable compared to the cardboard cutouts that plague the previous titles at least.)

I'm no writer, obviously, but I think starting over from one of the world wars is an infinitely better decision than continuing on the Black Ops train of semi-futuristic weirdness, or tossing your game into the furnace that is the modern shooter.

They could try the distant future thing. If nothing else than just to see how Treyarch would handle it.

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I’m reading this in 2018, and oh my gosh you were wrong. “We need a futuristic COD.” Are you serious man? I would give anything for a modern shooter. AND THE BLACK OPS 2 CAMPAIGN WAS AMAZING! I don’t think you care that BO3 didn’t even relate to the original story. That is the definition of a trash campaign. Then we have Infinite Warfare, the worst COD ever released. Oh but we need the future right? WRONG

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American civil war cod

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Hahahaha!  Yes!

It may take hundreds of hours to kill enough enemies by requiring a full minute to reload gun powder into the flintlock rifle to get one shot off but I'll work my a** off to unlock the hand-cranked gatlin gun that pivots on wagon wheels anyway.  Hell yeah, baby!

Melee kills with knives and bayonets will rule supreme!

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I'd prefer the American Revolution ..... with ZOMBIES of course

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British zombies

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