Is Maxis the body on the table ?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Is Maxis the body on the table ?

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. I never thought it. Looks like a Z to me, but it would explain Maxis's brain at the spawn.

If so then it brings me to think that maybe Origins, is the New NACHT. Think about it. Origins has nothing to do with the original storyline. What if , NAZI Zombies ended on Buried. Origins is our big clue to the new Zombie game on the next Treyarch game. Whole new story, same ol' killers. I think we are over thinking the ending just a lil bit. Maybe Eddie's version was Nacht - Buried. Which is why E. Richtofen was the main focus. I know when I played as a kid. Who ever I was, was the sh!t. So Origins starts off Sam saying " I'm going to tell you how it really began ". Since Nazi zombies was Eddie's imagination, Sam made all the rules. Thats why we hear her voice for every drop. not sure if you guys already covered this, but any thoughts ?

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Re: Is Maxis the body on the table ?

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It is his body.

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