Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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The MPD collects a physical form of the soul. So the soul is not so much a spiritual thing in the storyline, but a physical thing that can be harnessed. So perhaps all the spiritual stuff referenced is actually just created by the aliens,Vril, or whoever made the MPD, and its their perception of how we see the afterlife, which they use to harness the human soul.

A while ago when we were analyzing the Nuketown loading screen, I thought the images were of an alien race burying or digging something up out of the ground with a giant spaceship. To primitive humans, they would have looked like gods and this could have been where the idea of Mictlantecuhti came from. A god splitting and going into the underworld. So as the aliens gathered human souls, where ever these souls were stored, there perception of what was happening became this hell they are trapped in. Which could be what the MotD crew have become trapped in. So you have a lot of Aztec mythology on the map from all the primitive souls collected around the time of the Nuketown loading screen, but other things like the Cerberus and 666 which would be other things associated with hell have also been added to this place by others who were absorbed later.

I don't know if I even believe any of that is in the story line or how would the MotD crew ended up there when they died. But its a theory that leaves the possibility that the higher power, the MPD, the nuketown aliens, the Vril, hell, and other mysteries of the storyline are all part of the same group as apposed to several. So you have humans and this one other party involved.

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Yes, exactly mate. There is every real chance that all these possible forces are ONE, and could even be a 'higher power' created by the minds of Treyarch themselves, so there powers or will can be endless.

They have certainly led us down several paths, and we are still none the wiser from the speculations during Kino, to where we are now with MotD.

Infact we are even MORE confused. Still, the addition of this hellish location in MotD has put more focus now on Hell and some kind of Satanic force being in control.

Until DLC 3 drops, and we are give some new spanner thrown into the works that is...

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Best post I've seen in a while regarding the storyline.  Nice work!  It actually sparked me up a little and made me realize just how dull the light inside me was getting from lack of storyline progression.

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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maybe we might know the answer to this question at the end of BOII. Who can really know though, I feel as though their exposure to 115 made them both equally evil

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Wow what a thread lol

Anyways it's only my opinion but I think they are both as evil as each other, yet Rictofen is more insane,

For me you have to forget about all the experiments after the very first and all the story line that goes with it,

You need to look at the origins of the two together and make your mind up from there,

They was both working for the nazis and are both looking for the nazis to win the war, that alone says to me that they are both evil,

Maxis does seem to have some compassion though, and like shredder and death said he wanted the war to end quicklyakinge think he is the lesser of the two evils,

And Rictofen seems happy to do anything to get ahead of the enemy, making him more evil to me,

Also with Rictofen he is a coward, he lies he cheats he does everything on the sly, he is snide, conniving and again a coward,

He is the essence of pure evil, or as close to it as possible,

But that's just my take on things,

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Compassion is a trait of a good guy. Maxis certainly shows compassion and remorse.

Richtofen is just a crazy gay dude.


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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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The only thing I could see here that contradicts this, is that Maxis had no real intention of killing them all. That would imply that he would want his one and only daughter killed as well, which we know he doesn't want.

Maxis asked his daughter, Samantha, to kill them all (the human race). I believe he meant all of Group 935/ anyone associated with 115. Although once he was killed in front of the open M.P.D. his soul was sucked up, but instead of using it as energy for the M.P.D. his soul was put in a trance in the M.P.D. and the demon possessed his soul as well, taking Maxis's last words to heart. To 'Kill them All.'

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Wow!  I decided to see if this post gained any thoughts and man did it!  I'm glad you all are interested! 

I skimmed some responses and want to give some of my answers.

1.  You have to remember who Richtofen is before and after MPD contact.  Before, all we have of him are Moon's first 3 radios.  In these, he is portrayed as a scientist working towards scientific progress and to improve the human condition, Group 935's motto.  In Moon Radio 2, you hear him question why Maxis would partner with the Nazis when it could ruin all of connections of members they had in Group 935.  The only glimpse of a Richtofen who is looking toward Nazi advantages to teleportation is him saying "Think of the tactical advantage we will have."  Besides that, we don't have much.

2.  I wouldn't say the Richtofen was paranoid, or Maxis for that matter.  Richtofen knew the gravity of what him and Shusta had discovered and was worried that Maxis would steal the idea and try to gain credit.  Most scientists worry about this even to this day.  People want credit when they discover something.  I wouldn't call it paranoid.  I'd call it wanting credit.

3.  Many of the things described about Richtofen being evil, such as attempted murder of Maxis and Samantha happen after contact with the MPD. 

Now, one person brought up an excellent point that I don't think was hit on enough.  Why does this matter?  If we have a demon in control of Richtofen's body, what difference does it make to our story?  Who cares?  Great question and I may have an answer for you. 

Notice that in Carrion, they reference many of the old easter egg songs.  The one I want to reference is 115.  NOTE: This is all speculation obviously.  Most see this as sung from Samantha's perspective, and it is.  But after listening to it, I could see it being from Richtofen's as well.  In fact, there is a male vocalist in the background of the song.  Perhaps a hint? 

In 115, take Elena's normal singing voice as Richtofen and take her screaming as the demon.  When taken in this perspective, the song is LOADED with possible story implications, but there's one I want to point to.  "You stand for nothing and overlooked something I'll bring you down all on my own..."  Now these lyrics could be pointing to Richtofen taking down the demon himself.  Perhaps Richtofen has a plan to take stop the demon and the demon has completely missed it.  Perhaps teleportation itself since one could go back in time with it. 

There's so much more that could be talked about.  Keep discussing I like this.

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Re: Is Richtofen Good? Maxis Evil

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Imo both are evil, I wouldn't trust Nazis in any situation. Richtofen is my choice as he is more just crazy than pure evil like Maxis.

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