Jimmy continues to troll us.

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Yeah, it may be for nothing, but I am going to go in tonight and do all the EE's again and leave the end game box alone while I look around Tranzit. Even if it is a lost cause, it gives me an excuse to go back and revisit the maps.

Off topic, now that Origins has came and went, it never did explain why there was 2 endings to MotD!? Why is there a choice? It does not seem to affect the game either way. There really is so much potential within the game for there to be more to it based on combinations we choose.

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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JamiSan when your right your right......last man standing at Lv12

DBZ I'd always thought it would play a part but yet more missed opportunity's from 3arch I think.

I just started getting in to origins ( only played it for a weekend when it came out and went back to gta, it was also a bit soul destroying watching the cut scene a month before it came to ps3) but already I feel like there is more to it.... Richtofen keeps saying he knows who samantha is and he won't help her but yet he does help her....  Could just be my greed but I want more routes in the easter egg, like the rest of the O4 keep saying there here to bring richtofen in but don't.

Having maxis dead is just a mind fuk, is it maxis from buried or maxis from ww1. The only way iv made the story work in my head is, the cut scene is a metaphor for agartha and with maxis dead and Sam not being born the next game will be richtofen's version of the same story.... Then I have a nosebleed as essentialy it's all bs

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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***GUYS! NEWS!!***

If you look at Zielinski's twitter, I (WwwWario as my Twitter and Youtube username is) asked him a question earlier today. I asked him if he just could give us a "Yes" or "No" to the "Is-there-more-to-Tranzit" question. This is what he answered:

"yes or no... come on you set me up!"

I've now asked him again to give us a "No" if there isn't anything, and just something else if the answer is "yes". No answer from him (yet).

So, he didn't give a clear "No". Whatcha think, pals?

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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I think go and have a look with the forefront thing in your mind being having a laugh with your mates, if you find summut then happy days, all evidence points towards his tweet being useless

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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I think he just doesn't want to admit how they haven't put anything in/ how little Tranzit had to begin with.

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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I think he is an asshole that can't formulate a simple answer without trying to act like the riddler! He doesn't deserve the position he is in and if the game fails, it's because he made the fans sick of this deciphering bullcrap. It's a lot of fun to find clue IN GAME and find all the secrets out, but why do we have to decode everything he says, it's not even clever.

You'll never get a straight answer out of him, he drums up BS to keep peoples minds in the game, I personally am done playing along, it used to just be about the game, now it's just loaded with pointless messages that almost always end up being less informative than expected. If we ever find out what the hell he is talking about, it will not be anything ground breaking. He's just grabbing at straws to keep eyes on him, my opinion anyway

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Re: Jimmy continues to troll us.

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It seems everyone believes jimmy z refers to TranZit in his tweet, i hope there is more to it as well but...

Has anyone else noticed a change to nuketown zombies since the last update?

Seems to me Juggernog comes before round 10 almost every time now, where it hardly ever came before round 10 before the last dlc. Perhaps "Follow the signs" refers to the "bike, treyarch, nuclear" symbols on the ntz sign.

By the same logic if they updated nuketown zombies, they may have also updated TranZit to give us the endgame/open door we were promised.

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