“Judgment Day” Challenge

Black Ops II Wii-U

“Judgment Day” Challenge

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Location Map: Buried

Players: 1-4

Challenge: Survive to the highest round

Rules: All players must be inside the Courthouse at start of round 2 and prohibited from leaving the area, you are allowed to go downstairs and upstairs of the courthouse but must remain inside, you can not go past Speed Cola to the tunnels or jumping down to the box, the front courthouse door must remain closed until game ends.

Guns: Pack a Punch explosive weapons only (splash damage), list as follows


Colt M16


War Machine

You may use any other guns you like but not allowed to pack a punch them, exceptions are…

No ray guns or Paralyzer, and no Time Bomb.

Buildables: Players only allowed to build trample steam and head chopper.

Ohh yeah no glitching.

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Re: “Judgment Day” Challenge

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what about preks and prema preks?

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Re: “Judgment Day” Challenge

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Any perks you desire to get on round 1, but once you start round 2 you can not leave the courthouse, it would be smart to get speed cola last in case of a down, and the obvious PHD would come very handy with explosives.

This is simple fast strategy to get to 30 in about 1hr, 1hr 30 max. It will get interesting after 30+

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