Black Ops II Wii-U

Persistent Upgrades (Permanent Perks / Perma-Perks):

Uses; Unlockable power-ups, or upgrades, that can be carried throughout several maps and game modes, even after death

Gained by; Completing unique requirements. When unlocked, a green flash, or mist, or haze (similar to picking up power-up drops) appears near the player, and that character will reference it. Marlton says: "Hmm.. I was not aware of this" or "Odd, I've never heard that before" or "Well, I can speculate as to why that sound plays, and speculate I will, in due course" or "I recognize the relationship between cause and effect, and that's effect with an e, as opposed to affect, as in affectation, something you carry around Russman, affectation of provado, yes I see what you are up to." Misty says: "Well that sounds like it might be important." Russman says: "Well, would ya listen to that" or "Well, would ya look at that" or "What exactly happened just now?" Stulinger says: "I knew that was there all along" or "This must mean something.. But what exactly?" or "Wow! Did you see what I did? I didn't."
Lost by; Failing to complete unique requirements. When lost, a faint, eerie, whistle noise can be heard

Notes; These upgrades can only take effect and be acquired by Marlton Johnson, Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Russman, or Samuel J. Stulinger on TranZit, Die Rise, or Buried


Quicker Revive (Faster Revive / Super Quick Revive / Perma Quick Revive):

Uses; Increased revival speed by 200%

Gained by; Reviving someone 2 - 17 times in one game

Lost by; Trying to revive someone and failing

Note; The effect can be stacked with Quick Revive and after it's obtained, the Revive message turns purple

Juggernaut (Extra Health / 200% Health / Perma Jugger-Nog):

Uses; Increased health by 200% (takes 3 - 4 hits to go down)

Gained by; Getting downed by Zombies, on early rounds, without Quick Revive, 1 - 3 times in a row (Solo only)

Lost by; Round 15 (for future games) and getting downed on or after Round 15 with teammates still alive (for current game)

Note; The effect can be stacked with Jugger-Nog

Overkill (Deadshot / More Headshot Damage / Perma Deadshot Daiquiri):

Uses; Increased headshot damage by 200%

Gained by; Getting collateral headshots with one bullet 2 - 3 times in a row

Lost by; Killing 10-25 Zombies in a row without a headshot

Note; No matter where you shoot a Zombie, their head will pop off (this effect is aesthetic)

Instant Kill (Red Insta-Kill / Perma Insta-Kill):

Uses; Touching Zombies during an Insta-Kill power-up kills them instantly

Gained by; Killing no Zombies while avoiding damage from a Zombie during 2 Insta-Kills in a row (with the exception of Denizens)

Lost by; Getting damaged by a Zombie during an Insta-Kill (with the exception of a flaming Zombie exploding)

Note; When gained, you have to be the one who picks up the Insta-Kill power-up drop

Steel Barriers (Stronger Barriers / Metal Barricades / Reinforced Barriers):

Uses; Increased barrier strength by 200%

Gained by; Repairing 250 barriers in one game

Lost by; Going one round without repairing a single barrier

Note; Only barriers that give you points, count toward the 250 needed to unlock

Iron Curtain (Steel Carpenter / Stronger Carpenter Barriers / Perma-Carpenter):

Uses; Increased barrier strength for Carpenter power-up by 200%

Gained by; Killing a Zombie trying to come through a barricade before the Carpenter boards up all the windows

Lost by; Failing to kill a Zombie trying to come through a barricade before the Carpenter boards up all the windows

Note; When lost, you have to be the one who picks up the Carpenter power-up drop

Cash Back (Refund / Refund On Perks):

Uses; Receive 1000 points after buying Perk-A-Colas

Gained by; Going prone in front of a Perk-A-Cola machine after buying it 65 times

Lost by; Not going prone in front of a Perk-A-Cola machine after buying it

Note; You can only go prone after breaking the bottle and the Perk Logo appears on your screen, afterwards you have 5 seconds to go prone

Toy Box (Samantha's Teddy / Lucky Box / Care Bear / Mystery Box Upgrade):

Uses; Decreased chance of getting "Bad" weapons form the Mystery Box

Gained by; Hitting the box and picking up 3 - 5 "Bad" weapons in a row

Lost by; Round 10

Note; "Bad" weapons include: MA81, Chicom CQB, FN FAL, SMR, MTAR, Ballistic Knife, War Machine, RPG, Executioner, Python, Five-Seven, KAP-40, Barrett M82A1, DSR 50, M1216, S12, or EMP

Flopper (Flak Jacket / Perma PhD Flopper):

Uses; Take no splash/explosive damage and cause explosion when dolphin diving

Gained by; Taking fall damage 5 - 10 times

Lost by; Taking significant fall damage (without Dolphin Diving)

Note; This upgrade is only available on Buried

Tombstone (Permanent Perks / Perma Tombstone):

Uses; Retain all perks after going down except for one (In solo you lose Quick Revive and in multiplayer you lose the last perk you obtained)

Gained by; Purchasing 4 perks before Round 5

Lost by; Going down 3 times in a row with no perks

Note; Does not work if you are revived by the Krauss Refibrillator (Pack-A-Punched Ballistic Knife) and if you buy perks on TranZit with the power off (using the Turbine) and go down with this upgrade, when you are revived, your perks will be lit up (as opposed to faded) and will be active even know the power is off

Half-Off (Reverse Double Points / Half Price):

Uses; All purchase costs reduced by half during a Double Points power-up

Gained by; Getting 3000+ points or no points during a single Double Points

Lost by; Failing to spend at least 1000 points during the next Double Points power-up drop

Note; Sometimes if you don't have enough points, even with Half-Off, it will take an even smaller amount

Double Points (Perma Double Points):

Uses; Increased earned points by 200% (20 points per non-lethal hit, 120 points per lethal torso hit, etc.)

Gained by; Getting only headshots or only melees during a Double Points

Lost by; Getting a headshot or melee kill after the Double Points power-up drop ends

Low Accuracy (Double Shot):

Uses; Increased earned points with weapons by 200%

Gained by; Having consistent bad accuracy with any gun, then killing 3 - 5 Zombies

Lost by; Accuracy going above .75

Note; This is easily obtained with the Paralyzer by flying with it before getting 5 kills

Longshot (Point Scope / Extra Sniping Points):

Uses; Earn an extra 300 points when getting kills with any Sniper Rifle

Gained by; Getting 5 - 15 long range kills using any Sniper Rifle

Lost by; Missing 3 shots in a row with any Sniper Rifle

Ray Gun Off Wall:

Uses; Receive a Ray Gun for 500 points when buying an Olympia off the wall (Ray Gun ammo = 250 points / Pack-A-Punched ammo = 4500)

Gained by; Buying ammo for the Olympia, several times, before Round 5

Lost by; Round 12 - 14

Note; Only obtainable if you have no Tally Marks on your account (go at least 5 days without playing) and are Rank 1 - 3 (One Bone, Two Crossbones, or Skull Rank) unobtainable for Ranks 4 - 5 (Skull w/ Knife or Skull w/ Shotguns rank)


Bonus Points (Point Multiplyier / Full Bank / Sharing Points / Bank Upgrade):

Uses; When you have a full Bank and share points with other people using the Galvaknuckles, they'll recieve more points than you have given them (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Sharing points with a full Bank (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; Not having a full Bank (Unconfirmed)

Cymbal Monkey (Perma Monkey Bomb):

Uses; (Unknown)

Gained by; Throwing x amounts of Cymbal Monkeys (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; (Unknown)

Impact Grenade (Perma Grenades):

Uses; Increased points for getting Grenade kills (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Killing x amount of Zombies, with a grenade impact (not explosion), during an Insta-Kill power-up (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; (Unknown)

Sliquify Splash (Perma Sliquifier):

Uses; Increased "splash zone" (chains to other Zombies further away) and increased chain speed (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Chaining a large number of Zombies with one shot from the Sliquifier (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; (Unknown)

Notes; Might be the same as Double Shot (Low Accuracy) Persistent Upgrade

Double Power-Ups:

Uses; Whenever a power-up is obtained a second is also granted (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Picking up x amount of power-ups in one game (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; (Unknown)

Sleight Of Hand (Perma Speed Cola):

Uses; Increased reload speed by 200% (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Reloading x amount of times in one game (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; Letting clip run all the way out before reloading (Unconfirmed)

Note; Can be stacked with Speed Cola (Unconfirmed)

Stamina (Lightweight / Marathon / Perma Stamin-Up):

Uses; Increased mobility by 200% (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Sprinting x amount of miles in one game (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; Failing to sprint x amount of miles in one game (Unconfirmed)

Note; Can be stacked with Stamin-Up (Unconfirmed)

Pack-A-Punch (Perma Pack-A-Punch):

Uses; (Unknown)

Gained by; Pack-A-Punching x amount of weapons in one game (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; (Unknown)

Melee (Knifing / Stabbing / Galvaknuckles / Perma Melee):

Uses; Increased melee speed and damage by 200% (Unconfirmed)

Gained by; Melee ing x amount of Zombies (Unconfirmed)

Lost by; Failing to melee x amount of Zombies (Unconfirmed)

If I'm missing any, please post a comment.. And if you can help confirm some that would be great too! Also feel free to post some alternate names for these Upgrades. This post belongs to all of us..

I will update the Original Post with all of your contributions ASAP..

-GoalieOfUnholy and SnyderGuy

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Ray Gun Off Wall:

Uses; Receive a Ray Gun after buying the Olympia off the wall

Gained by; Buying ammo for the Olympia a few times before wave 5(I think) on a map you've never been to before in an offline game

Lost by; Buying it off the wall after wave 5(I think)

I'm not positive its wave 5, I could be wrong about that, but everything else is confirmed

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Well I test the ray gun thing on ps3 and its not working.

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Was it on a map you've never been to before?

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I'm pretty sure it's something that ps3 will get with the buried map pack like PHD flopper

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great list dude just be sure to keep it updated

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I'm not sure what yet, but you get something form not using the box at all when you get a fire sale. Literally just did it on Xbox.

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How are you all still wrong about red insta kill!?!?

we found this out months ago, you can shoot as much as you want; you must not get touched or hit by a zomB during a normal insta kill. THAT is how you get it.

It is easy enough to test, also, no proof that jugg is stackable.

And perma Jugg stays after round 15 but only for thatgame, after you get past 15 you will lose it NEXT GAME but you still keep it for the remainder of that game. Unless there is some other unknown way to lose it.

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perma jugg downs you on the 6th hit and is lost if downed after round 15 or next game after round 15

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He is correct on both RedInsta and NoobNog... NoobNog does stack, and you always lose it at the start of 15...

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