Black Ops II Wii-U

wrong, I've had it till I get downed past 20's. It stays for as long as your don't get downed after round 15. Evidence: every zombie game I play. If you are going to insult people that use it you should at least be right

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Actually, perma jug can be kept after round 15, as long as you don't go down with other people up, if everyone else is down, and you are the last one up after round 15, you keep perma jug

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I think your info is not accurate about the tombstone perk end after each game...I still had mine the next game...

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Do the new ones work on PS3?

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I think the new ones will work when buried comes out i tried a couple and no luck.

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i just want to confirm that stamina is obtainable without purchase. im not sure how but i one game in buried i noticed i was running forever without the perk. i think it is from running 2 miles. and the game ended before i lost it.

- thanks for the info.

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One of my friends got "perma-StaminUp" while he was running trains. Apparently it increased his mobility.

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yeah but apparently you don't get a green burst so I don't believe it actually exists

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Just to let you know, many people think that you can't have perma jugg and perma quick revive when that is wrong, I've had both for about 2 weeks straight ( keep going back to get perma jugg and I haven't lost perma quick revive yet). If you can update the notes to include that I'd be grateful.

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Hey man can you add to perma jugg that 3 downs without quick revives are called deaths? makes life simpler lol

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