Black Ops II Wii-U

You can, since when the red insta kill runs out, you still have insta kill on, and you can get hit in that period of time which makes you lose it.

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About the double power-ups, this happened to me on Die Rise. During the rounds 30-50 I experienced this Upgrade and earned it by letting power ups dissappear. I was using the escalator camping area along with my trusty sliq, i was able to see that indeed something had happened. It occured to me when I let an insta-kill dissappear and heard the key noise. Upon hearing this noise, in further rounds, i was able to observe more frequent power-up drops. For instance,

2 nukes

1 carpenter

1 insta-kill

- all within the same time span of maybe 10 - 15 seconds apart. Of course depending on how fast I killed them, i dont know.

Another instance was when i killed to individual zombies and saw two insta-kills before me.

Of course this could be the broken game when reaching high rounds or indeed double power-ups.

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The ray gun one doesn't work on xbox

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Here's the Monkey Bomb perma-perk
-QWPy2Qo you need to put it under investigation!

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Hey guys! I wanted to chip in with info.

Perma tombstone: big thing I wanted to discuss (I say perma out of laziness). It's easy to get, I usually get all my perks on transit without power before wave 3 ends.

Buried however, I never get it until AFTER I get all 4 AND kill the witches to get my fifth. Also, a little correction, you ALWAYS lose quick revive first. I got it on transit on accident after buried was released.

Perma jugg: I only know of 2 downsides, because I just figured out myself and that's if you die with jugg, or die from fall damage. There's also a way easier way to get it. Get quick revive. I repeat, GET QUICK REVIVE! Let a zombie kill you, get revived and let it kill you again. No need for 1-3 times.

I've seen the double points perk today, but had no clue how I got it. I was confused after seeing +200's so often

I've spectated and seen the faster melee this guy had the galv's and punched twice as fast

As for the red insta kill idk about shooting or knifing but I lost mine for running into a zombie (note running into and NOT taking damage oddly) a little after it was over

Lastly, I've gotten two nukes from double power ups once in transit and the other die rise. They were in both cases right on top of each other

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Gigantic FYI: do NOT run through a head chomped with perma jug. You will die. It only works with zombies

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Good post the only ones that I did with knowing are

tranzit - perma quick revive, perma jug

buried - perma Phd

I did some of the other ones without trying though like the perma tombstone

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Incredible list,

Hypermole buys the raygun (from olympia spot) as a skull in this video I believe:

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Damn I wonder If knives can get it.

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Are there any videos to this cash back perk? I tried it this morning and learned that not only did it fail, but you can't stay prone while buying perks. I was so sad..

(Sorry to be trolling I just love perma perks so I want to get me all)

I remember getting perma stamin up while trying the transit Easter egg. I say that I got it only because with just stamin up I can catch up to the bus and inevitably eat its dust, while when I had or thought I had perma stamin up with the actual perk I passed the bus, so it's anyone's guess. I never saw a flash, but while playing as Russman I heard him say his "I got a perma perk" saying. Mind you, it was wave one and I wasn't fighting so I can only assume that's what it was.

I'd also really love to see this pack a punch. Maxed my bank out so I can try it out so ill let you know how it goes

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