Black Ops II Wii-U

The video is called ifuu- black ops 2 game clip

You'll see the grenades and the carpenter on die rise

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I'm not sure what perk it is but I keep gaining and losing a mystery perk from zombies hitting me.

I have no idea how I lose it or what it does but I have been getting it since die rise came out.

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There's a new one I posted about that when your bank is full, if you make a points drop, it multiplies for the person taking your points.

To get it all you need is a full bank, and you lose it if you don't have a full bank.

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I got the unknown knifing perma-perk when I stabbed 10 to 15 zombies in tranZit on round 1. I started to stab faster and cleared the room of the zombies. I was playing solo on the ps3. Please take account of my estimate as I may update you on the exact number when I look back at the recording.

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Stamin-up one is real. I had it for quite some

time when just tranzit was out and for a while on die rise. I lost it sometime then, im assuming because I didn't run around enough as it's mostly a camping map. I also wanted to mention that I got half off on buried and I was spending loads of money and then I started buying things for crazy low prices, the box was 187, mule kick costed around 700 something, it was very strange. Also I would like to investigate the loss of permaperk sound when you get a perk bottle and already have all of them. Furthermore what's up with the switching weapons one? Any more info in that?

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I Got the knifing perma perk but then I lost it some how

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I may be wrong, but I doubt the Sleight of Hand one works. Excluding wonder weapons and pistols, most weapons have their own fast hands attachment when Pack-a-Punched a few times which already stacks up on speed cola. If they had this too, I doubt you would be even able to see the reload haha.

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So not to bring back an old post but I recorded a video of me setting down a turbine, then picking it after it opens the first door in the starting room of tranzit. Immediately after I get the green mist and a quote from Misty.... some kind of persistent buildable perk?

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just thought I'd post becsuse I haven't seen anyone else mention this. worth it to post a video link?

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U are on it buddy!!!    There were some in there that I needs them details bout the double point one...  GT-  TitoLovesToKil .   Hit me up.    I can always use some pointers.   Lol

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