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Lobby Issue

I understand that there are people, that when they need to go, they stay in the game so it ends up on the leaderboards.

And i don't have a problem with that, that's their own decision.

But it's getting really anoying, that when the game ends, they will stay in the lobbies untill they come back to play or when the ps3 system, shuts itself down after a set time.

It's making it harder to find a game, cause you will be put in the same lobby over and over again.

Like today it took me 25 minutes to be placed in a lobby where the people are actually there. And i didn't looked just in one map, i switched regularly between motd and die rise.

And that's in a lobby with 2 or 3 players that aren't there.

Then there is also the issue with just 1 person that isn't there.

If he/she is in the lobby with 3 players that are there, the 3 players will ready up, and the game starts, only to find out that he or she isn't there. Then you have a few options, you can leave the game and go find another game (so maybe it will take another 20 mins before you find it). Or you can keep on playing, with the following problems, whenever he/she goes down you'll lose points.

Not a really big problem, but then they will respawn every round, and they Always spawn in the middle of your "train-route", or for example behind you at your campplace so when you want to move back, you get stuck. And ok, you can shoot them in the corner with your trample steam.

But wouldn't it be better that instead of just 3 players need to ready up, all 4 players need to ready up?

Or that after a set time of inactivity a player is kicked out to the main menu or something?

I know that there won't be any changes to this version of zombies, but maybe an idea for the next zombies?

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