(MOTD) Richtofen/Maxis EE Recognition

Black Ops II Wii-U

Idk if this has been brought up but F it...after analyses when you reach the golden gate bridge and face towards PaP.. up in the sky on the right hand side of the bridge, theres a glowing dot, moving i might add. For me its orange like Maxis side.. strange bc I only complete Richtofens side..  So I just played a game and had a host Migration before we reached the Bridge...When we reached the bridge the light seemed to be white or not light.. Like there was no EE completed.. very cool But someone who completed EE on Die Rise and Tranzit Maxis side tell me if there dot glows blue.

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That is the box light. The Alcatraz part of the map is located up there. You can spot this by staying on the bridge while others go back to the island.

Watch the light and when the players get back to the island, you will see the afterlife symbols up beside the orange dot, then there gamertags when they revive each other.

Dot also disappears when the box moves.

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Yeah, it's the light from the box, what you should be tripping about is why is the light so far ABOVE you on the bridge? In the spawn room you can clearly see the bridge level with the island.

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