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Moderator: Zombies: Multiplayer

If all goes according to plan there will be a new sub-forum here shortly. It will be specifically for those who want to find others to play with.

    • This forum is not a place to advertise any clans.
      • Zombie Clan activity is to remain in the clan sub-forum.
    • This forum is both for users who have high standards and those who don't.
    • You may ask others to perform the EE with you there.

This sub-forum will remain for general discussion of Zombies and Zombie Theories.

    • Support for Zombies should be directed to Customer Support instead of being crowd-sourced.
      • You will not be penalized for asking here, but it's better to get answers from those who can both document issues and aid you in real time.
    • Fan-fiction is still discouraged. Those who create it tend to go overboard on the creation and conflict arises amongst them regarding original creation of content.
    • Moderators still maintain the stance that we are not responsible for validation or invalidation of suggested and theorized content. It's simply not our place.

Our goal is to eliminate some of the clutter. Additional sub-forums may be created, but in the mean time this is what has been agreed upon at the ready. Asking for and pleading for additional sub-forums will not be met with expedited results.

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