My ideas for black ops 2 zombies.

Black Ops II Wii-U

My ideas for black ops 2 zombies.

I'm a massive zombies fan and have enjoyed very much what tryarch did with black ops 1 zombies, while i enjoyed it so much, i couldn't help but feel like that this game mode could be so much more. So for the past few months i've came up with some great ideas and i would really appreciate it if you could read them. plus my gamer tag for xbox live is THEDI115 add me and we can play zombies, sorry about this being so long.

Idea 1: perk a colas were brilliant in world at with juggernog, speed cola, quick revive and double tap. And with blacks op 1 map packs releasing whole new perks to use like stamin-up, mule kick, phd flopper and dead shot daquri (forgive me if i missed one) that were able to expand and make us come up with new ways on how we play zombies. Now i hope in black ops 2 they'll release some new perks, but one thing i hope they don't do is only let us have a maximum of 4 and the only way to get all of them is through doing easter eggs or killing george romero in call of the dead which was a massive bitch for me. We should in black ops 2 be able to buy all the perks that are avaliable in each map played, and if released be able to put those perks in the classic world at war maps or kino der toten. this would make us nearly invincible till the round 50's. another thing for perks is upgrading. what i mean is say for example you buy juggernog which makes you survuve 10 hits in a row and cost 2500, what if you could buy another juggernog tht would upgrade your previous one making you survive 20 hits for 4000 points, now the icon would have a times 2 or a much brither colour on it to represent its upgraded, this would increase survival tenfold and make you more wise about your points, then you can go all the way to level 5 or 10 upgrade making you survive 100 hits, and if you go down you can buy it from the previous level you were at but half as cheap then the orginal price so you don't use all your points on perks if you need a new weapon. Now this can work with all the perks and with each upgrade making it slighty better with a new effect to maximise your zombie killing skills. Now your thinking, "NO WAY, IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO DO WITH ALL THE PERKS IN ONE GAME MODE", and i agree thats why double tap would actually be a good perk to use instead of a bullet drainer. In black op 1 double tap made yor gun have double fire rate and reduce recoil like rapid fire, but it was only good for guns like HK21 or RPK and wonder weapons, but what if when you upgrade it to the next level of that perk like i said before it also doubles the amount of points you receivr e.g instead of getting 10 points each shot fired into a zombie, with the first up grade you get 20 points for each shot and 240 for a knife kill, and with each upgarde you do it doubles the points again you recaive for each shot and kill so say you get 100 points a shot at fully upgraded dupuble tap and over a 1000 for a knife kill. Plus it was also add some extras which is written below. So upgrade each perk to level 5 and become a master zombie killing until the round hundreds!

Effects of each upgraded perk if all are installed into black ops 2:


#1 take 10 hits from zombies.

#2 take 25 hits from zombies and increase melee strength

#3 take 50 hits and increase melee strength

#4 take 75 hits, increase melee strength and sprint through hordes of zombies knocking them out of the way.

#5 Maximum upgrade can take 100 hits, always one hit knife kill until down, can sprint though massive hordes taking mant hits while knocking and flinging zombies on their backs some getting killed.

speed cola:

#1 reload time twice as quick. rebulid barriers faster.

#2 reload time quicker, melee faster.

#3 reload time quicker, melee faster, throw grenades, tacticals and plant claymoars or boucing bettys much faster.

#4 reload time quicker, melee faster, same for others.

#5 Maximum upgrade, reload time only take one seond even if clip is completey used up, melee kills are like lightning, you can throw grenades and tacticals over the map if wanted and can carry more claymours etc.

stamin up:

#1 sprint much further distance

#2 sprint further and twice as quick.

#3 sprint further and quicker, jump higher, leap further and dolphin dive quicker.

#4 sprint further and quicker, same as above.

#5 Maximum upgrade, you are the speedy gonzales of zombie killers.

double tap:

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