NEW MAP IDEA: Tribe of the Dead By Group115

Black Ops II Wii-U

NEW MAP IDEA: Tribe of the Dead By Group115

Tribe of the Dead

Game Modes Compatible With: Grief, Tribe of the Dead, and Turned.

Setting: A sleep away camp in New York that was hit with a 115 meteor during the time when the 4 main character (old crew) are on the Moon. 4 counselors have to fend off hordes of undead tribesman and Indians that were buried deep in the camps soil.


Eric Samuels: Pro Marksman and counselor for the riflelry activity at the camp. American

Jacob Manter: The nephew of the camp owner. Works as a counselor. Was in the army. American

Aaron Wright: 2nd year counselor from the U.K. British.

Brett Meritt: 10 year Alumni at this camp. Is a counselor. American

Opening Cinematic:

4 counselors are sitting around a lit campfire during the few days before the summer where the campers aren't their yet. (pre-camp) Eric is smoking and the others are drinking some soda. They begin to talk about the summer and whats bad and good. The campsite is an open piece of  circular land surrounded by trees except for the way you enter. Suddenly from over the tree line a flaming meteor is seen. It crashes into center campus (an area that is lined with bunks on the sides, circular land in the middle.)The meteor digs itself halfway into the ground creating a huge explosion cracking the ground and damaging the whole camp.. The meteor is pulsating blue. Soon blue liquid oozes from the meteor and drips into the ground. The cinematic view lowers itself underground and follows the blue liquid as it drops lower and lower until it reaches a very mangles and decomposed Tribesman corpse. Suddenly they eyes of the corpse fill with GREEN light and it lets out a shriek! The counselors are freaking out and fall on the ground. The woods around them catch on fire and ash is falling everywhere they get on the ground and put their hands on their head. Suddenly the campfire turns a greenish color and a shrill shriek is heard. A Tribe leader Indian chief zombie arises from the fire and floats in it. It shrieks and the fire grows larger. The counselors tremble in fear. Jacob picks up a rock and lugs it at the zombie in the flames. The rock passes through it in a burst of flames. The flaming creature stretches his hands up and shrieks. Zombie Indians start to claw out of the ground. Suddenly a tree crashes on top of the camp fire knocking the wood all over the place and making the creature disapear. The forest fire enlarges and soon the counselors are surrounded by engulfing flames, fallen trees, ashes, and Indian Tribe ZOMBIES thunder and lightning happens and than it Fades into the game...

Loading Screen for non local matches:  The camp brochure covered in blood and empty shells, Camp Tribe Head

Zombie Types: Decomposing Indians, Tribesman, Bloody, Skinny, some shirtless with ribs poking out, Wearing Ritual clothes, GREEN eyes.

Map Layout:

Campsite: As described in cinematic

Center Campus: As described in cinematic


Bunks: Rectangular 4 beds against length sides, 6 in the middle wall,  {4B's                    4B's}       (B=Bed)

                                                                                                                        o       6 B's     o              (o=Door)

Waterfront:          Bleachers

                    (             sand                )

             [     -------------------------------            [  DOCK

             [       -------------------------------  [

                                   ^CRIB (squared off part of the lake)

                  ------------------------------- DOCK

---------------------------------------------------------------  Everything past that dock is the deep part of the lake

Woodshop: A large farmhouse type building with woodshop equipment in it. Down a trail near the entrance to camp site. Skull Saw can be built hear.

Head Cabin: A long rectangular building on the side of center campus.   


Trails in the woods: Their are many hidden trails throughout the woods that can be used as good shortcuts but my hold some unkown dangers.

I will add more key locations later on in updates to this discussion...

New Zombies:

Banshee: Comes every 5 rounds. The whole camp turns a ghostly white shade. Indian drumming is heard and than  a very skeletal ghostly indian appears and is floating slightly above the air in white mist. Ghostly whispers are heard as the creature roams around when it screams it  attracts more zombies to spawn. Has medium amount of life. Best to kill as fast as possible as extra zombies can screw you up. Looks like:

Nocturnals: Nocturnals are special creatures that will only come out when the maps time is night. The day cylcle happens every 10 rounds. They spawn  at about  the 5th round of night. Nocturnals are evil creatures that look almost like burnt skeletons. They have blaring green eyes and sharp fangs. They wear torn robes that expose their black bones that have tons and tons of indian symbols etched into them. They move in a way similar to the phasing zombie. To attack you these creatures can shut off certain lights around the camp making that area practically a guarantied death zone. The creatures will then attack you in darkness. 8 spawn during the special round and have low life but can be a tricky target. Stay in the light! The creatures will spawn in the woods and phase onto the campus and creepily whisper to you... Look SIMILAR to Minus the scythe and a more indian ritual look. NOTE: You start off at night...

The Woodshop Guy: A large zombie with saws stuck inside him. He has glasses and has gray hair. He is wearing an apron and he is covered in saw dust and can throw saws at you. He spawns every 7 rounds but you have to be near the woodshop at THE round. He has medium to a lot of life. By shooting the saws you can deflect them back to him. No zombies spawn when he spawns. He enters from a storage area in the back of the woodshop that is locked to the player.

The LifeTaker: A large lifeguard zombie covered in seaweed and dripping wet. He has no shirt and some intestines are hanging out. He is carrying the long tubular LIFEGUARD raft thing. Except GUARD has been scratched out and it now says LIFE TAKER. He can slam you with his tube and make the ground slippery. He will only spawn if you are near the waterfront  when THE round happens. No zombies spawn when he is walking. He emerges from the lake.

The Head Counselor: Another spawn from THE round, the Head counselor is the head counselor. He is in his head counselor shirt and shorts but he is splattered in blood and is burnt in some places. He can punch with extreme force and carries around a camp hatchet. He enters from the head counselor room in the Head Cabin

An explanation: THE round: THE round is a round that occurs every 7 rounds during this round, 3 bosses have the ability to spawn but you have to be near their area. For example if THE round occurs and you are all near the woodshop, Woodshop Guy will spawn. If you are in the waterfront the LIFE TAKER will spawn. If you are near the HC the Head Counselor will spawn. If your teamates are in different areas it is possible for all of them to spawn.


Skull Saw: A version of a scroll saw that has a body of a flashlight  and a bigger saw part. Parts needed, Saw, Wire, Flashlight, Electric Tape. Can be built in the Woodshop. It can be used to cut up zombies! It can overheat but will never break.Boa

Electric Engulfer: A metal box with a lightning rod on top and vents. Parts needed, Metal box, Lightning Rod, air vent, and reverse fan.Can be built in the lifeguard shed. Can be used to suck zombies toward it and electrocute them. It works off of the lightning from the storm above. After struck by lightning once it will work for 15 minutes. Than you will have to wait for more lightning. This machine can also be used to attract lightning to it and move it away from an area that you need to get to such as an area in the lake. If lightning hits the lake you will die. But you can distract it with the Electric Engulfer.

Torch: A piece of wood with a charred, burning, flaming, top. Parts needed Wood, fire, and grip tape. Can be used to burn zombies and create temporary fire traps on the ground. Dies after excessive use and you will have to pick up a new one. Can be built at the riflelry platform.

Boat: A wooden rowboat. Parts needed; wooden boat, 2 paddles,

New Features:

Infernilizing: Infernilizing is a new upgrade system that is available after the 1st easter egg is completed, The Ultimate Sacrifice. To Infernalize your gun you must go to the camp site and to the now huge red campfire. Infernilizing costs 1000 and when you pay your gun is put in the fire. The fire enlarges than deflates to original size. When your gun comes back and you pick it up it will now have a metallic and lava cracked camo. Now when you shoot your gun it automatically adds a fire effect to the zombie you shoot dealing extra damage and creating a system similar to the WaW flamethrower. Your weapons name gets a new red font to show that its infernilized.

ReZurection: If you are downed near the Indian Chief when he is present you will be resurected as a zombie similar to TURNED.  As a zombie you have a green bar at the bottom of your screen that diminishes at a slow rate. When this bar completely empties you fall down where you are standing and go into the downed state. This bar goes down much faster when you do certain actions similar to AFTERLIFE. All of the following actions diminish the bar faster; in your zombie state you can go up to weapons on the wall and pull them off so they can be picked up as a human at NO cost, you can also rip out perk bottles from machines and put it on the ground for a free pick up as a human, you can also infect your teamates so they can help out with your undead actions, lastly you can go up to enemy zombies and push them down making their legs break and turning them into crawlers. The perk and weapon pulling actions take up a huge amount of the green bar so doing these actions could lead to your decomposition in a small matter of time. You can be rezurected once every round the Chief is present. Being infected does not count as a rezurection but infecting someone takes up almost all of your green bar.

New Weapons:

The Flinger 115: A rifle styled weapon with very big base. Their are 115 tubes pulsating on the weapon. It shoots a blue beam that can be used to hold 2 zombies in the air and fling them to their death. If you dont fling the zombies in 7 seconds they will slowly get pulled closer to the start of the beam and eventually will just lunge at you and give you a hit.

PAP- The Flinged Z: When upgraded The Flinged Z will be able to hold 4 zombies in its a beam at a time and hold them in the air for 13 seconds. Also the blue beam turns a bright green.

The Hand of Time: An enormous jet gun looking weapon with a bunch of weird indian designs on it. It is a metallic color with the indian designs in a pulsating red. When fired it creates a giant hole that is surround by a red misty border. Through the whole is the future. The portal stays open for as long as you can before the weapon overheats and needs to recharge for 30 seconds. Zombies get sucked into the portal. BUT later on when you reach that future where you sucked zombies in they will respawn through a new portal in the future ontop of the present zombies because you sent them their a couple rounds back. A little round indicator similar to the time bombs will be in you HUD that resembles the round you sent zombies to.  You can also use The Hand of Time to send power ups into the future so they can help you later on.  You can also send perks through the portal. By shooting near a machine one bottle is sucked in and in that future round it will shoot out of a portal as a perk power up. You are guarantied to get the perk you sucked in. But only one person gets it. Finally, you can also throw tactical weapons in the portal so they appear in a future round and can potentially save you.

INFERNALIZED: When infernalized if you charge up the Hands of Time and have it set to the future it will will create a huge fiery portal that overlooks a destroyed and flaming landscape that is similar to the camp. When you jump in this you are sent to the time after the missles hit and the whole camp is destroyed. You can choose to stay in this dilapidated version of the camp and fight the undead or simply travel back to the time you jumped in the portal. Going to this time is mainly for easter egg purposes.

Zeit 115 (Buildable) : A slim rifle looking weapon with a 115 meteor part etched into the top of the muzzle a powerbox plugged into the bottom, with tubes out jutting from the rock into the muzzle. This weapon will teleport you to the where you shoot. Ammo is like the paralyzer but the farther you teleport the faster it will overheat. So depending on how far you zoom in thats how far you will teleport. The beam is electric blue and you go through a quick blue teleport screen before arriving at the place you wanted to teleport to.

PAP: When upgraded the gun obtains a larger and wider ranged scope. It also shoots a red electric beam. With the new scope you can teleport farther and faster. Overheat regeneration time is quickened. PARTS: Rifle, Scope, 115 meteor part, tube, and a powerbox.

Easter Egg: The easter egg would involve the counselors destroying the tribe leader and then an afterward easter egg would be that the counselors send a weapon up to the moon so the original characters could return...

PAP Camo: The new pap camo is a dark metallic with green cracks that glow.

Gameplay Mechanics: You can hold all parts of a normal buildable at once but you can only hold 2 at a time for the Zeit 115. Recipes for buildables appear when you view the stats like Mob of the Dead and Origins


Top of the World Tequilla: Enchances players jump distance and height by 25%, also makes players jump faster.

Aquatic Ale: Lets players breath underwater for 20 more seconds than usual.

I will edit in some more secrets later on, but for now how do you like it?

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No replies? Alright...

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i like it to. the must make an cod zombies game whit only zombies and  evry month a new map

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It's good. I like it.

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Wow this is better than anything that was put in bo2 they should use this good job man

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This is the best map idea that I've seen posted. Most of the time they are flat out dumb,and not really even thought out but this one is very impressive. it's easy to see how much effort and thought you've put into it. I would love to play this map!!!  too bad you don't work for treyarch!! Thanks 115 great job!

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Thanks I would love to play it too!

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man this shit is what really piss me off. First off NICE FUCKIN JOB  BRO!!!!

I really love the idea and u put a lot of hard work into this and added lots of detail into it, not sum quick

fuc@in shit put together to get page views. U also added more then 1 new gun, cool buildable and love the tele to the future part. fucked up part is treyarch wont fuckin wast their time to make the zombie community happy and the only way is if we make it ourslef. the WaW for pc has lots of regular people lik us making maps all the time. maby some 1 can make 1 for that 

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