NEW MAP IDEA: Tribe of the Dead By Group115

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Thanks! I would love to design my own maps but right now I have a macbook Pro and dont have World at War for PC. And im pretty sure my mac wouldnt be able to handle it since im so low on gigabytes, (i make a lot of homemade movies and the footage takes up a lot of space...)

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Bro, I encourage you on and on to make more ideas, more everything. email your map to treyarch, they might think of adding it. BTW, this map seems WAY WAY WAY more complex than Origins. I love complex maps. Work hard, reward later. Dont forget, World at War would be happy for you to make this for them

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tribe n mob sound similar i didnt read it most ideas come from stuff already in game just enhanced or mixed

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This is the best idea of a new map ever, Treyarch would never come up with something this complex and interesting. Dude you should own the zombies team in Treyarch cos it really looks like you can actually make a good zombies map when you see one. I can actually picture this map easily unlike all of Treyarch's fails. Dude you seriously rock at designing maps, if only you were creating the Black ops 2 maps cos they would actually be fun and something new. I'm very picky when it comes to maps, but this is the one and only BEST i've seen, keep this up dude!!

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Bo2 is now finished. Treyarch sholud add this map at Bo3 (if they make). I find it a great map.

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Re: NEW MAP IDEA: Tribe of the Dead By Group115

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Enjoying read couple things I would like to see different.

rezurection is to simplified an idea.  Would make things way to easy.  In an event based game rather then a point based I can see this working, but to be able to obtain so much for free is not really fascinating to me.  Now if you can design a map around survival and obtaining benefits from events I'm all ears. 

The teleporting gun.  Again to easy to just zip past a horde.  I would like something like this to be used to access a new area/pap.  Where all players in game must own a piece and stand in a formation related to there piece at a designated spot on the map.  The portal would then have to be powered with the killing of hordes and would self destruct at the end of the rounds.  Have the pieces drop off the bosses.  The pieces expire after 4 rounds.  Have the bosses spawn no less then every 7, but are able to be adjusted based on area of travel to not spawn so in game coordination to obtain the pieces is possible. 

Add in a new perk.  Theorize a way to obtain extra perks through skill without inconveniencing other players into having to do shit to help.  (kinda pissed at everyone in origins right now who has to take 45 minutes to build and upgrade staffs)

Have the night zombies influence perks as an emp does.  How long does it limit the lighting?  Temporary light sources?

Also the teleporting zombies to the future may prove to be an issue.  Last I knew only a set amount of zombies may be placed on a map at a time (Believe it was 24 + 6 for each additional player up to 42).  So teleporting a massive horde to spawn on top of another horde later like that may not be possible from system limitations.  (nexgen consoles probably could do it though).

I want a buildable melee.  That isnt opped like spork and upgraded thunderfists.  Been dieing for a sword lol.

What are your melees and wall weapons.

The box....Fix the problem and add box tokens,  you earn one box token a round and per standing revive (not ballistc knife or other quick shot revives).  You lose 1 per down.  You earn 1/4th for every perk bought.  Lets make the box be a last reserve mystery that isnt horded.

Overall I like the concept.  Just think play style would be to easy.  I want more difficulty, I want tight corners and mistake prone instances.  I want thought and coordination.  And if you can mix all that in while doing away with points.  You will be my hero.


Additional thoughts (based on preliminary gaming or playable character traits)

Based on creating ways to work without points

Brute- Starting traits - X2 melee power /Jugg  x4 slower revives/carry only one gun

Sharpshooter-  Starts with permanent dead shot/DT2/mule  ---cant carry buildables

Medic-  Starts with permanent quick revive / Staminup/papped ballistic -  .5 accuracy/.5 reload time

Scientist- Starts with perm speed/flopper/ray gun  instant buildables/can carry 3, upgraded tac items.   1/2 melee power 3/4 accuracy

All perks obtained in relation to starting characteristics will add to effect (ex. Brute will take 4 hits in rd 1, 6 with jugg)

Insert character traits for point related tasks.

Build player weapons!  Find different parts around the map and decide how to craft them into individuals guns.  More advance guns using more parts so deciding how guns should be awarded to which players.

Brew perk drinks, again deciding which player needs which based on trait limitations and in game skills.  Whose the survivor?

Make it an actual intense zombie survival?

On another note, with black ops 3.  I would love a character trait builder.  Where you start with 0 across the board and as you advance through the modes and maps your traits increase, and may limit certain parts of maps until your traits are high enough to access/compete in.

I'm also a major fan of MMOs if anyone cannot tell yet.

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Wow... You gotta a lot of ideas their.... I suggest making a discussion. Im gonna add in a new perk...

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I like it.. You really thought this through. Most people only give you a general idea. I felt like I was reading a page right out of the Strategy guide. I like it. sorry but I didnt read all the way thru. Did you mention where the PAP machine will be ? If not may I add a lil Suggestion. what about not having a PAP machine at all. What if the meteor spilled 115 all in the lake. Every camp has to have a lake. So since the lake water is saturated with 115, why not just dip our weapons in there. The lake could be fenced off and have a timmer set lock. So PAP will only be available at certain times and for a limited time as well.

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