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ok, I know alotta people are trying to figure out what else BO2 zombies has to offer. If there is anything else.

I have to ask, and maybe I'm not alone.. See I haven't done any of the Eggs on BO2. not that I'm not good enough.

My personal life doesn't leave me much time to play, and I cant ever get dedicated players to help. I wish treyarch would let me do

it on my own, but o-well. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is. I haven't done any of them, yet I got all my Navcards in there right navcard tables.

Tranit on Die Rise

Die Rise on Buried

Buried on Tranzit.

all card accepted. but a buddy of mine has done Maxis egg on tranzit, Rich on Die Rise and Pop goes the weas.

yet he cant get any table to accept the Navcard. Do you think perhaps maybe we had to have all the cards accepted first before attempting to

do any Eggs ?

This comes to mind becuase of BO1. On Moon you could release Sam from the pyramid, but you couldn't blow up the Earth without at least one player having already done COTD & SHANG. You needed the Vril Rod and the Focusing stone in order to blow up the earth. Becuase if you think about it.. Both Tranzit and Die Rise's Eggs have to do with a Tower. Buried had the end game maybe all cards have to be accepted, then do each egg in order. I'm sure no one has put this theroy to the test .. being that most Debunkers have done the eggs before the next map pack released. Anyone that wants to try it.. hit me up.. Saturday late nights is when I do my 1am till Dawn..

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