Need 100K kills for shotguns, anyone want me to carry high rounds on MOTD? Xbox

Black Ops II Wii-U

Ik I could Die Rise sliq. the kills but that is not a challenge.

Neither is MOTD with shield, wither, and spork but still fun :3

Would anyone like me to carry them to high MOTD rounds?
You just go afk in Warden's Office Cage while I run a train.

I never run out of ammo b/c I PaP wall wep.

Would really like it if anyone is willing to do this so I can get some easy kills while you're afk and safe.

Message Fog825 on Xbox.


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ROFL... its called solo

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Someone called this guy out for rage quitting on another post and he never I bet he'd let you go down and quit.

What a stupid idea, who wants to go afk in a game like that anyways?

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yeah really if he want to play with others he should play with them not make them go afk and "promise their safety" lol.

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