Black Ops II Wii-U

We've all pap'ed before. u get a gun, like it, and give 5000pts to pap it, and that makes it better. More ammo, more damage, and maybe an attatchment (if you're lucky). But after that, theres really nothing else. Just keep running around using your pap gun or get a new gun and pap that. In black ops 2, it should be where they have normal guns, and u pap like normal, (5000pts) and it gives u an upgraded gun, but then u could pap it again for 10000pts. That will give it more damage, more ammo and some cool attatchment like a flamethrower. Finally u could pap for a third and final time for 20000pts. It would give u insane damage, insane ammo (AUG w/ 150 rounds per clip-insane) and an awesome attatchment like an infared scope that lets u see through walls, a ray-gun attatchment or a monkey bonb attatchment. If they did this, zombies would be even more awesome.

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I have to say I real real like this idea but what would this monkey bomb attachment be like, how would it work

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maybe less time to wind up or alonger time to explode and a way way bigger BOOOM!! something like that?

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