No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

Black Ops II Wii-U

They just are annoying as hell, there is no reason to add them.

I have been downed so many times because astronaut zombie is hiding behind door or some one just makes george angry and you get cornered because it.

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You know, George and those Astronauts have feelings too.  They want to play zombies just as much as you do.

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You Mad Bro?

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Nope sis

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Noon reason to add them? It makes the game harder. Harder= more fun. Can't take a away all of the difficulties in the game. It also keeps the pussies from camping and getting high when they suck.

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But dude, they ruin the whole meaning behind zombies... wanna make zombies harder? just add tight hallways or make the zombies faster, not put some freaky meaningless monsters in the game... you know verruckt is hard yet it has no idiot director following u with a piece of stage light...

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hey, george did what he was designed to do, to stop you camping or running trains (making the game harder) now, quit whining like a little girl, most people actually like the new varieties of zombies, but yet again, its the minority getting their views heard above the majority cause they are noisier and yap and maon about stuff more. Just don't play those maps then (you probably suck at them and the only maps you get high on are easy ones like Kino!). I've seen companies before listen to idiots like you, so you guys have ruined so many good games before, Treyarch, ignore. Zombies is supposed to be hard for a reason, the harder, the better, more challenging, more fun and rewarding it is to do well on it. Thats why i loved Shangri-La and CoTD

Anyway, variety is the spice of life, new zombies types are always highly anticipated by most, its just you (few) guys who can't cope with change. Adapt or Die is the phrase, adapt now or face game extinction, like a manmade version of natural selection going on, only the fittest and best survive.

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Oh and i can't remember when and where but i remember on another post some guy said to you that those Russian dolls were bad, i just got to round 50 on acension (and commited suicide ) and all the way through that game the would kill every zombie in the first explosion! I couldn't believe how powerful they were!

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Wrong, dude, they actually increase the intense of action and also increase the meaning of zombies to a point where it takes you to think better and deeper about fighting strategies and how to work as a team with other mates... this gameplay isn't for little kids or idiots who just disturb other good players and ruin the fun far more than zombie bosses alone... Do you know what really annoying is? When some idiots begg you to join your game and leave soon... idiots who die constantly and want you to revive them when you obviously can't help and then they rage qiute... idiots who don't want to participate as teamwork and don't want to spend points for opening doors etc... Those are real annoying problems, not Goerge or astro or any zombie boss, they are a great additions to zombies!

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