No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

Black Ops II Wii-U

i liked the Astronaut and George i just wish they would have when about it a different way when it comes comes to them spawning i think it would have been better if when you killed George and the astronaut they wouldn't come back for an other five or so rounds or how ever many times you have killed them is how many rounds they will go away for.

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Hell ya! screw those types of "bosses" Hell hounds were the only ones i actually liked, If they really want to add new boss(es) i suggest they have them take up a whole round and end up gifting you something like a drop out. Basically like the hell hounds

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You only like the Hell hounds because they're easy!
They do basically no damage and have hardly any health and a Max ammo at the end, they are the easiest "Boss" in any game i have ever played, not saying I don't like them, it's a free round, but George Ramero is my absolute Favourite! He added a challenge and something elso to do to COTD, i hope they bring something like him back!

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like a giant hell hound and u have to kill it to end the round.. should be hard aswel

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the astronaught was cool i thought but mad you did not get max ammos with. george was fun to kill but made camping spots and running around spots hard when fat george a romero gets in way.

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they add a dimention to the game and make it harder, also if you remember they made glitches like 24 zombies a round every round in moon possible

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thats cause u suck i had no problem with it...

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IMO, I like the astronaut and HATE George. Astronaut, yes in the higher rounds it takes a little more ammo to kill him.  George is nearly F'ing impossible once you get into the higher rounds.  There is no point in even trying to waste the time and kill him at that point.  I try to have him dead once by round 7, after round 10 with 4 people he is a beast.  It sucks wasting so much ammo and still not kill him.

The astronaut you can kill easily at any round, even past 50.  If they keep with that then I'm ok with them adding "special" zombies in.  If they make them impossible to kill, like George, then IMO they should keep them out of the game. 

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george has 250,000 health a player per game. 4 people, he has 1million, 2 people, 500,00 etc. Best way of killing him is with death machines and Pack a punching the Dragunov (its more powerful than the scavenger against him) Aim for his head, and shoot his head only, he'll be dead in 1/3 of your ammo. Hope that helped. Now, enejoy all 8 perks and the wunderwaffe you earned by killing him so many times!!!!

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Actually it is:

  • 1 player: 400k
  • 2 players: 666.666k
  • 3 players: 833.333k
  • 4 players: 1million

And also to clear up wridtrvlr's misconception, George's health never increases during a game. Meaning that he is just as easy to kill on round 100 as he is on round 1.

Also, did you know.....A zombie on round 100 has just over 5.5million health. So George is in fact a lot easier to kill on round 100 than a normal zombie.

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