No Treyarch ZOMBIES until 2015 *CONFIRMED*


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Treyarch are contracted to make games for Activision. It is a set cost they are paid and there is no asking for monies until that contract is over. Treyarch HAVE to make the games they are asked to and by the deadlines given to them, or they void their contract.

Activision has only brought a third development team on as the game is losing popularity and they want to beat that horse until it is truly dead, so giving the devs an extra year with the game means they should get a better return for their money.

Treyarch does what Activision tells them... at least for the time being.

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Oh ok cool. So I guess they get paid a "salary" instead of by the game, and they just produce what they are told to produce from Activision.  Well I hope they come up with something good for 2015. I'm ready for an epic zombie experience.

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This is literally one of the most depressing things that I have heard in a while. I was gearing up for another zombies season. I've had so much fun over the last 14 months playing, and theorizing. Extinction is trash.  Zombies is so simple and good.  I have ZERO faith in any other mode, or any other game maker.

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Have they confirmed there will even be zombies in treyarchs game?

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Nope, but Treyarch would be stupid as heck if they didn't include it in their next title. Zombies is what Treyarch's titles are known for. Whenever people speak of a new Treyarch CoD title, they mention Zombies more than anything. So, I guess it's nearly already confirmed without anyone confirming it

As for the 3 year cycle, my first thoughts were "NO!". I was so looking forward to Zombies this year. And waiting over 1 and a half year for a new title with Zombies is really a pain in the arse. So I got really disappointed when I heard this...

On the good side, I've changed my mind. Sure, it sucks we won't get Zombies this year, but if we just learn to be patient, we will get paid for it; giving Treyarch another whole year to work with will make a HUGE difference. Imagine what we got in BO2. When it was released, we had a full game. Imagine what they could have done with another WHOLE NEW year with development on it!! Smiley Surprised So at the bright side, we know that Zombies will come back bigger than ever before! So, at least we have something to look forward to for the next 1-2 years.

Oh, and I'm also very interested in what Sledgehammer Games can give us. You can see which CoDs that are made by IW and which is made by 3Arc; they have their own style. Now as we get a brand new company (or, not really new, though), we don't know how this CoD might be, so I'm very curious!

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Well hope they don't use this time to give us one huge map but instead several maps the likes of Kino Der Toten and Der Riese, maybe slightly larger.

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I agree. I want a little variety. I'd prefer something new with something old. BOs gave us Kino which was a lot like the old maps, and Five which had a lot of new features, like the elevators splitting the map and the new boss. And we also got the extra Dead Ops mini game. I would have been very happy if BO2 had given us Tranzit as it is, with a real EE though and a few small things hidden through out the map, kind of like the old radios. Not just the one TV and two bland sides to the tower. And instead of all the small maps like Depot, Farm, and Town, I would have much rather had a one extra map that felt different. Like a prebombed version of the Town that included the church and bowling alley and maybe upstairs of the bank or laundromat. Something with a few doors to open, looks different than Tranzit, and plays like the older maps. If they would have given us just that, and then released the small maps and grief mode with the DLCs, I would have been a lot happier, and they would have been able to concentrate on two good maps for release instead of all the extra things they tried. With an extra year to work on it, I hope they don't try too much again and only give us a rush job like we got with BO2s release. 

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anyone think that SH might just be reworking all the existing maps? activision knows we want the maps all on one disc. SH isnt a complete stranger to zombies and could just have the old maps BO1 and BO2 (not sure if theyd go back to W@W but itd be nice) and just make them look better among other things. (i could list them but we've had plenty of discussions about this) would this be possible or do they have to do something new?

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It will be interesting to see what value Treyarch can add to the game given that it will also be available on ps4/xbone.

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fix the glitches at least

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