No Zombies Trailer on June 21st CONFIRMED

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Pretty sure youve already guessed but there wont be a zombies trailer poking around on twitter go to treyarchs page and they deny it. Sorry for someone dumbass to get your hopes up

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Tbh, I was suspicious about 21st, but thought it's quite possible. I don't wonder that we didn't get any trailer about zombies. So neither I am dissapointed... Treyarch simply wants to keep things secret especially as they know how things are now hyped because of 4v4 and maybe 8 co-op that has yet to be confirmed. They better make zombie game so good that it would surpass any possible expectations, ideas, suggestions... and beyond that. Then their "hiding" shall be justified...

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treyarch said zombie info was coming, so i thought june 21st was possible

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i was pist everybosey was like yay omg it going to be released tomarow they sertainley duped us man i feel likee an ass but life goees on

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yeah there was a tweet a day or 2 ago by one of the treyarch devs that they wont be showing anything until games con in about 8 weeks.

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