Nothing we can do but wait and hope!

Black Ops II Wii-U


I know as well as anyone else does about the situation with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Wii U, and the problem with getting add-on-content for it. What I can see is that the Wii U Community are either outraged, disappointed, or just plain upset (or all 3 take your pick :3) at this turn of events, but let's face it. Making countless threads for asking DLC to be on the Wii U won't change anything. The Devs have no info. clearly one of two (or more) possibilities exist for the reason info for DLC doesn't exist.

Note!: These 2 reasons are based of speculation and nothing more.

1. Activision and Nintendo haven't reach a deal that would benefit both companies in the case of add-on content for Wii U.

2. Activision never intended to bring add-on content to Wii U (well for Black ops 2 at least.)

But of course these are just pure speculation, it's nothing more than an assumption  to why this situation exist. Clearly there's nothing anyone can do until Activision and Nintendo Reach a suitable compromise that can benefit them and the Wii U community as a whole, until that point we'll just have to wait, and hope that a compromise can be reached.

I know how most of you feel, I too am furious that we don't get the same type of support as other consoles do. But ranting about it won't bring DLC to the Wii U any faster. Just be patient, even if we don't get additional content on Black Ops 2, there's still Ghost, and it might be possible we will get DLC there.

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Wait and hope....Yeah wait and hope people will stop making these threads. 

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i know seriously. dlc would ruin matchmaking people non stop post this same garbage over and over and over. same on miiverse. having dlc would make us wait and hope every time we try and find a match.

edit. this is not speculation. these are the facts. you say youve seen the countless threads, but have you read any of them?

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I have read a few, but clearly not as much you so obviously have. :/

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Bobby is right. It's hard enough to find a match right now(yesterday me and a couple of friends spent around an hour just trying to find a match and not have half the party time out as soon as we got in one. This is without DLC.....with DLC ,it'll just be worse). Save DLC for when the community is a bit bigger.

Ever since the black ops forums.......thousands of DLC gets tiring after a while, you know?

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I understand that, but that's exactly why I made this post, so people would stop posting threads about DLC. Do I do agree, it's impossible to find players anymore. But don't understand what you mean when you said DLC would make it worse. Perhaps you could enlighten me so i can understand better.....

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When DLC is released it is placed into its own separate playlist. At this point you can only play in lobbies where others own the DLC, or you can play without the DLC in regular map rotation. There are usually alot more people playing the regular map rotation than the DLC map rotation. After some amount of time has passed, the DLC maps are added to the regular map rotation and players who own the DLC packs are then separated into different groups. When you search for a game, you are searching for a lobby where the players have the same DLC map pack combinations as you. Imagine this: 2,000 people are online throughout the day, where you would have at most 10,000 people interchanging with others for their position for the number to remain stable. This means that at any given point you would only be able to find so and so amount of players. Furthermore you have to take into account that there are 16 (was it?) different map pack combinations if you count all 4 map packs + regular rotation group. Divide 2,000 by 16 and you have how many people will be in each group (hypothetically writing).

If DLC were to to be in regular map rotation, this would separate the number of players from non DLC map rotation and DLC + regular map rotation. This increases and then the different combinations become ever increasingly difficult to gauge. You could have 100 people who bought 1 DLC map pack, 200 who bought another, 50 who bought another and 10 people who bought the last one... Eitherway you look at it, these people will nolonger be able to play with those who don't own the map packs. These numbers add up fast. Right here are 360 supposed people who would not be able to play out of 2,000 people at a single point in time. DLC would be a bad idea at this given point in time.

Suppose Treyarch decided to release the DLC, but not move it into regular map rotation... The DLC map lobbies will be just as bare bone as some of the game modes currently are on the Wii U version.

In either hypothetical situation, under the circumstances of DLC being released, it would pose to be more hurtful than helpful. If they do it, some people will come back to play, but what happens after a while? You get bored of it. Those who gave up already will get tired of it all over again and go play something else. It will only prolong the inevitable.

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I would have never thought of that. I would have imagined there would be a way to disable/enable DLC maps while searching for a game, but I guess not... Smiley Frustrated

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It doesn't matter, we aint getting dlc and never will, then maybe these threads will die off..

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Quit partying with brits then! Its hard enough finding a game playing solo for me, I just spend half the time jumping into the water

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