Option to keep playing in custom games after dying.

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Option to keep playing in custom games after dying...

Just throwing a thought out there. I would like to see an option in custom games to allow you to keep playing, even if everyone went down. Just like you can turn dogs and magic on and off in custom games, it would be neat if there was an option that every time you go down you get revived like you do in solo with quick revive, but works with multiple people. Unlimited revives for everyone and maybe even keep all your perks. It would be something nice for those who are not so good at zombies and would like to see what a high round looks like without the worry of having to restart over and over. Of course the games would not count on the leaderboards, but some people don't care about them and just want to play zombies for fun and this is one way they can with their friends and don't have to worry about dying. Any opinions?

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Re: Option to keep playing in custom game after dy...

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Interesting thought but I think it takes away the whole point of Zombies! A survival game means you should have a chance of dying, so by doing your suggestion you completely rule out that part and the game isn't as interesting. If noobs need to learn, they should play with skilled players and eventually they'll get better. Playing where they have no chance of dying, get all their perks back, etc won't prepare them for a proper, real game. I personally think a better option in Custom Game would be to have a set choice of weapons - e.g. snipers or SMG's only.

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