Origins easter egg SOLO mini-guide

Black Ops II Wii-U

Does it have to be in Original Mode because i tried to do it in easy and the totems (after i upgraded them) didn't show up and i had all 6 generators on too?

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Yes, It does have to be in Original, so sorry you did all that hard work for nothing.

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I thought this was extremely helpful, but I have one question, is there a way to get the pap Mg08 without the maxis drone killing zombies? When I do it at the end of a round, it kills the last zombie, when I do it at the beginning of a round, it kills all the zombies, causing me to lose thousands of points. Sorry if this thread is inactive, I looked all over the internet and couldn't find it.

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My strategy in getting the PAPd MG08 was at the end of round 6 you can save a zombie or two or three whatever... Then I run away from the zombies (they respawn in different places, no big deal) and let the Maxis drone go by the yellow disc thing by the fire near the spawn starting location... then I haul butt straight to the yellow disc on top of the dig site and let Maxis grab that one... then run straight back to the church and let it grab that one... then finally run to Generator 5 for it to pick up the last one. 

The key to this is to run right after you know it's grabbing the disc.

If Maxis does minimal shooting, it should have enough power to grab all 4 yellow discs before it goes back to re-charge.

Worst case scenario: It kills all of the remaining zombs and round 7 begins.  Don't panic.  You should have at least 2 of them picked up if that happens.  Just kill the zombs and get your points.  Then rinse and repeat all the stuff above until Maxis has gotten all 4 discs. 

I must somewhat update the solo tutorial too... The last handful of times I've played, I noticed that the snow wouldn't come until Round 10, therefore couldn't get all Ice Staff parts until then.  You might have to add a round to all of my round numbers in the solo tutorial because of this.  

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I have made it all the way to tossing the monkey bombs to open the seal. Entered the robot 6 times (starting at 18) and tossed the airstrike monkey bombs each time on the seal (2 times missing and getting laugh) with 4 times hitting the center, getting the seal zapped but the seal did not open. Any thoughts? I was finally downed for good on 26 tossing the 7th monkey bomb after exiting the robot.

I had already acquired the one inch punch and filled all the chests by 17.

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As helpful as this guide is I've given up trying to do this stupid easter egg.

At least by myself. I'm not sure whether the game is rigged or I just suck at playing by myself but for all intents and purposes I've done the stupid thing. Just not in the correct order and in different games. Plus I've watched the cut scene on Youtube.


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Aside from getting the achievement some do the easter egg for high rounds.  Finishing the EE but not releasing the maxis drone gives you a wide open area to train with access to all 4 staffs. Most people who do high solo runs usually do it for that reason. Once someone has done the EE aside from the open area to run no other reason to do it again.

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I Need help , every time I complete step 2 the staffs don't reset back in to there normal pedestals with prevents me from pushing the red button did I do somthing wrong I need help

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So I thought it might be only because you can only do the Easter egg on 1 or 4 players but everytime I do the first step the podium for the fire staff doesn't show up in the escavation site nor does the other staffs in the robot head am I missing something? I built the staffs than upgraded them n I've tried doing the next step n looking but it never works? Please help me n my friends want to finish this

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Easter egg does not work on easy.

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