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[PS3] BO2Z Clan

This is basically a recruitment, but not really, for my BO2Z clan.

The reason it is here and not in Clan Forums is because I don't hardly use it for Multiplayer use, but to show I play survival modes.

I started this clan on BO1 when BO2 was announced.

BO2Z is a straightforward abbreviation of Black Ops 2 Zombies.

It's a multiplayer clan that I use if I play but I basically just play zombies and now Extinction.

It's open to join, it's really just a placeholder for a clan tag showing that you play multi, but your priorities lie elsewhere.

The clan on ghosts is level 11, so the tag is gold when in lobbies and playing matches of multi or extinction.

Makes it easier to find players when you get on so you aren't stuck solo.

Send a friend request to Brexican and say "BO2Z" in the message if interested.

Thanks guys!

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Re: [PS3] BO2Z Clan

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are you still recruiting ??????

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