Black Ops II Wii-U

Update last night for the PS3 and the bank and fridge are now available on Die Rise....... Smashed the box a good few 30+ times but no Ray Gun mark 2 (im a season pass holder), it may come in a future update just before the DLC drops, unless someone can correct me on this ....

Just been thinking, maybe this new update may have done something with the so far unexplained Nav Cards/tables..... the tie in may come with Buried! only time will tell..... As a PS3 zombie player i try SO hard at not reading this forum after the DLC drops as i want to play the new maps with a fresh opinion and explore it for myself but its so damn hard!! Any other ps3 players have the same problem? PSN is - Perspicere2013 if any PS3 players wanna smash Mob or Die Rise while we wait the 4 hard weeks for our turn on Buried!

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It is torture . I'll send you a friend request.

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My friend and I do that too and it is always terribly difficult.

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This is what I have to say on the matter, the box is completely random so the raygun mark 2 might be in there but even if it was you are not guaranteed on getting it after a few tries. I can say this much from hitting the box on black ops 1 ascension, I was plaing co-op with my cousin and I would spend around 20,000 points every round until round 28 until I was able to get the thunder gun that game. So my point is that you can spend hundreds of thousands f points and still not get the fun you wanted.

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