Panzer fire range is too far

Black Ops II Wii-U

Panzer fire range is too far

ok im cool with the panzer being able too shoot me on the tank but atleast he should have a certain range  where he has too maybe chase me around tank cause he is at the front of the tank i climb on back and he kills me from way in the front of the tank... bout time he starts firing me up its too late lol.... the fire even goes directly threw the shield .... i know in a weird way yall boosted this too teach the glitchers a lesson but its not reasonable set at a fair range ....and let me black out if i get hit by tank not die

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Re: Panzer fire range is too far

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I agree to a certain degree, however, it's not fair to players how a single panzer can basically torch a whole tank and kill everyone on it, but you being ''blacked out'' is possibly the stupidest thing I've heard. You're not simply ''hit'' by the tank, you're ran over, therefore causes death.

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Re: Panzer fire range is too far

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im never around the tank when a panzer is coming and as for tank running me over hell i can jump off the tank and out run it hop through the mud and u wont get run over and just watch the path of the tank going

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