Black Ops II Wii-U

And the MOAB is an asteroid.

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Ah, I knew you were a cookie guy/gal.

Also, I'm sure all of us want to know the answer to the following question........

Will flying unicorn killstreaks ever be added to BO2?

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Thank you.

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Thank you A_Trey_U for the patch update. It's really nice to know that this game is getting relatively prompt updates- It makes me glad i bought this game for my Wii U. And since we're posting brownies...Nope got nothin

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Thanks for the update.  Greatly appreciated. 

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Lets hope that the patches don't cause more lag or disconnects. I couldn't bare to hear nintendon't complain again

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lol I have to admit, the deal he was talking about with the 3 bars or whatever was right.  After they hotfixed that lag got a lot better.  Still have matches though where it's just crazy and you die instantly, but it happens less than before. 

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Great news! Thank you, A_Trey_U

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Thanks for the updates! I hope those spots glitchers use in Zombies have been fixed.. although I do enjoy ruining their 'fun.' The leaderboards could use a cleanup too. =P

Oh, and another thing I just remembered, when the gamepad is set to display mode, there's no reason for it to use the Wii U's system menu display setting (4:3, 16:9) It should of course always use full screen 16:9.

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Hey one of ten those glitches only work for a few rounds and then fail, don't let it bug you bro. As far as the leaderboards, haven't been online for a while but I was in 5th for transit four player, should have been in second with my teammate in first. The 1st, 2nd and third positions were held buy guys with 25 kills or less a piece when I had 2,757 in 5th lol. Watched the replay and yeah they did the garage round skip glitch to rd 98. I've posted before, and hit the cheating button. Idk if a trey u would comment about this it would be cool.

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