Poll: What is the best zombies map ever?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Yes actually i did the ee and i do blue skulls every game which is partly why its so boring. Ive played it by far the least of the bo2 maps and it still gets old the fastest. The atmosphere and story are cool, the map just sucks.

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hey good to see you again

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CotD                    Favoite WW (hyena infradead)

Der riese               Great teamwork map. very fun.

Moon                    also fun teamwork. plenty of perks. very diverse.

shi no numa          gameplay changes depending on perks/box location. (zipline!)

MotD                    fun WW, close quarters. Brutus breaks up the camping

Origins                  many perks. always something to do/ work on.

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1- mob of the dead

2- kino der toten

3- buried

4- moon


6- die rise

7- der riese


9- nuketown


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So far in this poll the average of your answers are:

1) Call of the Dead

2) Kino Der Toten

3) Der Riese

4) Mob of the Dead

5) Ascension

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1 Call of the Dead - By far my favorite map layout. Big map where everything is close and easy to get to. I also love the boss, perks, PaP system, and WWs. And while letting us play as some horror movie icons, the map still gives us a lot of relevant story with the EE and radios.

2 Verruckt

3 Kino

4 Der Riese

5 Probably Moon

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1.) nacht

2.) kino

3.) shang

4.) farm...grief

5.) der reise

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1. Shi No Numa - First map to offer my first of my many favorite wonder weapons the Wunderwaffe DG-2, random perks, and a large open lush green area.

2. Moon - I loved this map because of the Zero Gs and well the fact its on the Moon, multiple sectors Bio Dome, Tunnels 6 and 11, and No Mans Land. Last but not least the Easter Egg.

3. Origins - The largest zombie map to date, seeing where it all began with Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai, the staffs,

4. MoTD - The story behind it mainly, the cast, the whole build the plane escape concept.

5. Ascension - The unique black and white feature exclusive to the map, the Lunar Landers, and the fact you could blow the rocket up.  

Edit: Ascension in place of Der Riese,

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1. Buried. The atmosphere is fantastic, and while it's pretty easy if you camp with the paralyzer, if you don't the map is fairly challenging and it's perfect for playing around between the easy access bank, box, pap, time bomb, ect. It's just loads of fun and it's my favorite.

2. Der riese. amazing backstory, introduced pap and my favorite little monkey.

3. Mob of the dead. Personally I think this is the best zombie map of all time. Between the creepy, depressing look at life it brings and the simple but twisted story. Its the best but NOT my favorite.

4. Die Rise. It's very unique and uses vertical space instead of horizontal and it's just a fantastic change of pace. And the elevators are easy, i don't care what anyone says this map is not difficult.

5. Verruckt. This map is amazing. One of the best.

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1. Der Riese

2. Verruckt

3. Kino Der Toten

4. Shangri-La

5. Nacht Der Untoten

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