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Black Ops II Wii-U

I would like a map in which they use the characters, Rambo, Blade, FPS Russia, and The Terminator. The story would be them in a war, in the middle of the desert waiting for the helicopter to pick hem up, but then they become stranded.

The map should include things like:

  • Quicksand traps, which effect both players and zombies making them slower and possibly downing them
  • Sand storms which make it hard to see
  • Cactus Traps, and Sand dune falls
  • Heat droughts which down you kind of like the freezing concept in call of dead
  • Cool perk which keeps you cool
  • Maybe a fountain that you have to drink from evry 5-10 rounds to stay hydrated from the heat
  • All the other perks from all the previous maps
  • All the other guns from all the previous maps
  • Plus: one or two new guns, maybe a gun that opens sand tunnels for Zombies to fall in, and a gun that sets zombies on first
  • Zombies could be: pakistan or aztects
  • include a round in which instead of monkeys or dogs, maybe flaming bobcats or something
  • The map could Take place in an old aztect city, with a pyramid being the starting place and the pack a punch room
  • And the power ups would be all of the previous power ups from all the previous maps with one or two new ones which would be:
  • a power up that takes you straight to the pyramid
  • And a power up that gives you the choice to chose a gun from the random box, but the special guns wouldnt be an option
  • And a random box that you can buy a pack a punch gun from, it would cost 10000 every hit and only come every 15 rounds
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i like it, I LIKE IT ALOT

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I like your idea for a desert map except for the cool perk and the water fountain. And I think the wonder weapon should be a desintegrator beam. And the pack a punched mystery box should be less expensive, think about it, the mystery box is only 950, that's cheaper than most of the wall weapons, which are worse than the average box gun. I think more like 5950. And it's just a pack a punch with a mystery box in front of it, so a gun comes up and when it's all the way up it automatically gets pack a punched and then you can grab it. so it takes a while to use.

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Map: Amusemnet

New wonder weapon: the jay-Ru

New perk: power-up pop

New trap: the sufferer

Starting room: has one whole wall of barriers and a 1250 door

Central: this is a good room for circling and there is 4 doors

Roller coaster boarding station: in here is a barrier and the mp5 you can ride the roller coaster for 500, at the peek of the coaster you can buy the galvanknuckles

Maze room: the b23r and claymores and mule kick are in this maze

Genie room: in here is where the mystery box is usually and a slide that leads to the castle

Castle corridor: here is good for rape training and the ak74u is here

Castle hallways: the left hallway has double tap and the right has dead shot

Castle throne room: juggernog is in the corner and the m4

Rocket tower: this tower is cq spiral staircase and you can jump out the window at the top

Ferris wheel: speed cola is at the station and you can ride the Ferris wheel for 500 the cm901 is at the top of the Ferris wheel

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I would like to be able to open/close door that we buy, no the zombies cant break them either they go around but they still break in where your at still so you cant camp.

More then 4 perks. over that need as many as the map has.

More Zombies!

When I Pack-A-Punch a gun and I'm out of ammo, I can Pack-A-Punch again and get more ammo (5000) its like buying ammo but 500 more points.

More Afterlife. Bring it back, or get infected and have to find a cure before you bleed out.

Perk Idea: Slo-mo cup of joe- the ability to slow down your time around you (like a radius of some sort, kinda like on fable 3 when casting spells) for like idk 10 seconds? it helps you when you get cornered by zombies and theres that little area you can juke through.

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atlantis would be cool because it would be underwater.

paris would also be cool cause you could put the pack a punch in the eiffle tower

New York would be cool kinda like die rise going from skyscraper to skyscraper

chicago would be cool like die rise with the skyscrapers

dinosaur map would be cool cause everything could be prehistoric and a dinosaur boss type thing

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atlantis would be cool because it would be underwater.

paris would also be cool cause you could put the pack a punch in the eiffle tower

New York would be cool kinda like die rise going from skyscraper to skyscraper

chicago would be cool like die rise with the skyscrapers

dinosaur map would be cool cause everything could be prehistoric and a dinosaur boss type thing

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Resort zombies map

Name- Resort

Description- This zombies map is one of he biggest maps we have ever made in the history of call of duty. This zombies map features an abandoned resort on the coast of Florida. This thrilling map also features a beach and a huge walk on Boardwalk. Players will fight to stay alive in this complicated but fun map with the brand new perk "fill up". This perk is located in a tricky area but it is all but worth it. For only 4500 points this perk will automatically refill your amo in both guns you are holding. We are also introducing a new gun called the scorcher. This rare gun can either be equipped threw the mystery box or by completing a certain task. This weapon will absolutely destroy the zombies with its 300 degrees scorching fire hence the name the Scorcher.


-Players will spawn on the top of a hotel overlooking a beach and a boardwalk with the typical starting pistol.

-Quick revive is located in right corner of the roof for 500 points solo and 1500 Multiplayer.

-There is only one door to buy from here it is 750 coins.

-This door leads to a stretch of rooms with a dead end on one side and a elevator on the other side.

-In the middle of this stretch of these rooms a M8A7 is there for 1250 points.

-When entering the elevator you have a choice to chose from floor 4 witch you are on now or 3,2 or 1. This cost 500 points to travel in the elevator

-On floor 3 there is a long stretch of doors and then a turn leading to more doors leading to a window.

-On the first stretch the Locus is located on the wall for 1000 coins.

-On the second stretch two things are located double tap cola for 2000 points and the Vesper for 1250 points.

-Also located in this stretch of hall is a utility closet that cost 500 coins to open that has a 1/3 parts to the Scorcher.

-On floor 2 there is a long stretch of all with many doors but one is open you can proceed into and 1/3 parts of the Riot shield are located in there.

-In this room there is also a window that overlooks the beach and Boardwalk.

-At the end of the hall you can go two ways left you must clear 1000 points worth of debris to get to a Kuda for 1250 points and PH.D. Flopper for 3000 points.

-Going right will lead you to another location of the Vesper for 1250 points also there is a window that you can jump out of if you get trapped and you will land outside in the resorts pool.

-On the first floor there is a concierges desk that you map can see a map of the map on the wall.

-Going left you must clear derbies to get to the bathroom located in here is the Pharo for 1250 points and the second part to the riot shield.

-When exiting the bathroom turn to the left and there will be one possible location of the mystery box.

-Going right will lead you to a stretch of rooms with one big business room with you must open for 1250 points.

-In this business room is a table in the middle and on the left wall there is a location of Kuda for 1250 points and on the right there is a mystery box location.

Also located in this room is Juggernog for 2500 coins.

-When you exit the elevator to level 1 there will be a door straight forward that you must open for 2000 points this will lead you to the outside part of this map.

-When exiting the building you will be able to take around 10 stripes before you reach a square pool with a fake waterfall flowing into it.

-The whole pool are is sealed off except if you turn right there will be some debris you can clear to get to the beach. Located next to the derbies is Stamin Up for 2000 points.

-If you head left though you will be sent to a bar next to the pop with a possible mystery box location. Also located around. The pool is the second of 3 parts to the scorcher.

-When you exit the pool area you will be put on a long strip of road where on the left you can open doors for 1500 to get to the beach witch has nothing except for Vulture Aid for 3000 coins and the beach is a great training spot.

-If you head straight on the road you will be lead to a boardwalk to open this it cost 2000 coins.

-Located right when opened is a mystery box location and located on the left is Speed Cola for 3000 points.

If you move straight you will be lead to two board walk games thy are unplayable but connect to the Easter egg. On the side of these games the Kn-44 is located for 1250 points.

-If you keep starlight there will be many more board walk games but also there will be a some boards staying out. If you press X on this board you will get a boss zombie on each area the Boardwalk the Beach and The hotel. You must kill this zombie in the certain area and it will not let you leave the area before you kill it once you do this go back to he boards and there will be a opening there with stairs. This will lead you to pack a punch that you may buy for 5000 points.

-Also located down there are the last two parts of the scorcher and the riot shield. And Dead shot Daqurai for 2500 points.

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Locate it on the northern coast of France, after the Invasion of Normandy. It would be cool because we haven't had a Zombies map on the coast yet. Heart

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in reply to NotDiversifyCS_8632035

Hi there,

I have some great ideas for upcoming zombie maps that i've been working on that would blow your minds maybe even become the next classics that would compare to Activision and Treyarch amazing work that got me into gaming in the first place. I would like to help realise and design something similar in the same great way as all the maps already being played everyday by millions around the world that the call of duty/ black ops franchise has brought to life 15 years ago.

Please contact me for more info so we can play these awesome maps for years to come....

Thanks !



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