Black Ops II Wii-U

hey who cares what treyarch does the whole point of zombies is having fun who cares if your at a high round its not like its going to be remembered and i cant spell so much. In black ops 2 u are going to find out whats in it or not so no need to post ideas about zombies we just going to have to hope ur ideas are right or wrong its their game and not ours so who gives a Fuk what they do. Dont like the game then dont play it making suggestions isnt going to help anythings they already made the game their probly just putting the last touches of the game now. All those videos are probly a few months old they just want people to wait a long time so they get excited for the game.The whole point of this post is just wait and see. I no treyarch will try to make zombies the best they can. The only things treyarch cant do is help people get better so if u get die with the best wepons dont complain and quit a game like a little pu$$y and when reving and u get down thats ur fault for trying to get them and complaing abot split screen thats just fukin gay a$$ hell if their isnt split screen most people wont buy the game so stop complaning that some suck people that complain about it. You try playing on my tv and say u dont suck its hella small and im beast somtimes and somtimes not so lets try to wait fukin 5 months or so and not complain even know im complaining XD and ik 5 months is alot thanks for reading and SK in my name does not mean the energy drink its my clan from the wii which i dont play anymore well thanks 4 reading this peace. AND REPLY

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First of all. PLEASE neaten your thread. It was hard to read.

Everybody who supports this game know 3arc are working hard. Why do you feel the note to hate on everybody posting ideas. People are making suggestions. I'd understand if they were doing.... well, pretty much what you just did.

Ideas are people's thoughts. People like being creative. Even if 3arc doesn't add what the community posted, people still like knowing if people agree.

People on these forums enjoy sharing news, ideas, and more. It's people like you who ruin the CoD community.

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Actually, Treyarch does listen to our ideas (not ALL of them) and some peoples ideas have actually been implemented into their games. So shut up!

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Didn't read lol Didn't read lol Didn't read lol

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Yo, Treyarch takes almost everything they do from the forums.  They are on daily and I can say that I bet they have already read this thread.  Ya know how zombies was started!?  They forums.  Some dud posted something like, "that zombie was saying Sam!!!!" in vürruckt and they thought it would be a pretty cool story.  They went with it and zombies exploded.  They get their ideas from what is popular and they put their touch to it to make it better than we ever could.  Please don't post hate threads about the community because we are sooooo much more important than you apparently think we are.  Thanks.

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