Reincarnation will reveal the way forward

Black Ops II Wii-U

Reincarnation will reveal the way forward

This is the quote from maxis after ur in the Buda  room and killed enough zombies. What I believe he means is once you down yourself with the pearl "Who's Who" you go into a mode were the colors are much brighter, and it looks like objects with electricity are more noticeable then before. Notice that green run has a electric guy as a means of power, knuckles what are electric.. Etc. electric/energy is a big part of this EE and that perk allow us to see it much easer. So in that mode it should point out what to do in the buda room. I'll be up in like 7-8 hours and gonna try it out. Also I have a zombie team but lately they have been unreliable. If u love riddles or have an imagination, i would love to solve this EE with you, so hit me up if u got 360.(sorry ps3) Icegold10 is my gammer name. I'f anything found ill update this post

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Re: Reincarnation will reveal the way forward

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I thought you got the quote when you sniped the orbs from the dragons mouth. And reincarnation was the clue to go to the Buddha room.

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