Returning to Tranzit

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Returning to Tranzit

The other day I played Tranzit. I have always thought that there is more to the easter egg. I have seen these white balls of light in town and in diner, which might not be a coincidence considering they are the 2 locations with lamps to be EMPed in the EE. I have done the Rictofen side of the EE once and have inserted all navcards and i did the rictofen endgame on Buried. The Easter egg is very short and there are alot of unexplained mysteries swirling around the map. The poll in bus depot has writing all over it. The church and the sign Day x/2 me has caught alot of attention, but no one has figured it out.

Many youtube channels have seen mysterious orbs of light spread around the map, and Zielisnski (zombies overseer) has hinted that there is more to this maps's easter egg. His hint was something about points and time, and that became obvious that he was talking about microsoft points buying die rise and buried. completing the easter eggs for those 3 maps activated the end game, so maybe zieliski was talking about the endgame only activates if you do the tranzit easter egg.

Every time i play tranzit, I look at day x/2 me and the tower in the cornfield, and the highway blocked off, and the entire map, thinking, there has to be more to this easter egg. Every where i look on youtube, the easter egg theories for this map are months old, with no one interested in this map anymore.

But I still think there is more to this map than we've figured out.

Feel free to post any findings or possible steps you have found, and please no year old theories about making the bridge break.


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