Russsman is an experiment, but by who?

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We all know Russman is having trouble with memory much like the original crew. How can we assume that during Richtofen's experiment, this "Mexican" character  was indeed killed. How  can we not assume it was Russman. He either escaped or was let go.

Another argument would be that Marlton worked on Russman, the same way Richtofen worked on Tank, ect. If we recall Operation Paperclip, which was an Op performed by the US after WWII in an attempt to retrieve as many Nazi scientists as possible, then maybe Richtofen was in the US working as well as experimenting.

So, my theories are these:

1) We can assume that Russman was the fourth member of the experiments that Richtofen was erecting. Explaining his memory loss and the "war" background.

2) Marlton was put on a project by the US to continue Richtofen's experiments and Russman was one of few. If not that, then he was to work on weapons of mass destruction.

This explains his presence in Nuketown and also explains his relevance to Area 51 and US Gov't.

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Russman isn't Mexican.

/point #1

Remember these are NAZI SCIENTISTS. During WW2. The US would not have put Marlton to continue a Nazi scientists experiments. They hated the Nazis and wanted nothing more than to get rid of them. Continuing their work would be hypocritical.

/point #2

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Point one is right also there is a huge time difference the new maps are in 2025 or more time considering they travel through 2 areas from the story.

Well in real life the Us happily took all those Nazi scientist an gave them jobs an land here. even gave them full pardons for all there crimes. Point 2 is possible but whit stulinger an marlton .

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Im pretty sure the US never gave anything to Nazis... they helped out German scientists who defected from the Nazis though.

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Let's agree to disagree and move back on to the subject, shall we?

I assumed with Russman's age and such, this seemed likely. However, Stu and Marlton is unlikely considering Russman was in the war WITH Samuel. This would contradict me but, they met after the experiment.

Operation Paperclip is legitimate friends, sorry that I or anyone else here had to be the ones to break it to you.

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Scientists and Gestapo murderers are two VERY different things. Operation paperclip was for scientists, not soon-to-be Hague contestants.

Also, every major government rescued Nazi scientists. British/Canadian, Russians for sure.

It's just that ignorant xenophobes only choose to critique Americans and remain oblivious to to the rest

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My friend, we Americans are so blind and have our heads so far up our ass, that the IRS was able to splurge the money of tax payers for years. Then, when we do catch them in the act, they "Let some people go". Oh, they dont tell you about that pension they all get, do they?

Never mind this conversation, i will not have it. Keep it to the subject. If it needs to be contested, then research the topic and send a heartfelt e-mail.

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His memory loss is  a result of the side effects of the bombs sent from moon. If you listen to the TV on die rise you would know this. All we know is he worked at Broken arrow and he found Stu and then Marleton and Misty together.

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Stu was with Russ on the bus, and then met Misty and Marlton.  But I hadn't heard all the audios in Die Rise, I'm just going with the opening cinematic.  If that were the case, then it's pretty conflicting.

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why do i have this wierd feeling that marlton was working on russman in nuketown

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