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i invite you all to have a lengthy and smart conversation regarding the current state of the zombie storyline. cuz sh*t, what the hell happened? lol.. so correct me if wrong..

1. all the years, gameplay hours, and story elements we've come to known has all been a lie? or it wasnt fully explained? lol.. to QUICKLY summarize, we started progressing the story at shi no numa by learning about our original characters and element 115. the plot continued to der reise, kino, ascension, call of the dead, shang ri la, and moon. in between all that chaos we were given an explanation for verruckt but none really for nach der untotent. whatever, we all basically agreed nacht was more of a stand alone intro to zombies. so moving on, we blow up the earth in the season finale of black ops 1 because it was maxis' plan to 'minimize' the zombie outbreak which was now being controlled by richtofen. we get four new characters in misty, marlton, russman, and stulingher.. no ehffing mention of our original characters other than richtofen who manipulates the zombies and has somehow become a voice in stulinghers head. again, moving on.. finishing the buried easter egg and depending which side you did, either maxis overtakes richtofen or richtofen sends maxis to oblivion. now at the season finale of black ops 2 zombies, we get a message from Samantha saying she (he?) is going to tell us how this really all began. WTF?!! I thought we already uncovered the past (atleast the key elements) and we were moving on to the future of zombies. but the final map, the season finale of black ops 2 zombies, ORIGINS is going to rewind us to the VERY beginning before shi no numa and our first encounter with our original characters, before verruckt and tank dempsey, and before nacht der untoten? f*ck.

2. what about character development and story progression for misty, marlton, russ, and stu?! that's it? buried easter egg ends their story? granted many people were probably getting tired of them but you mean to tell me that was their grand easter egg in this campaign? navcards and nav tables didn't produce anything epic like a teleportation link between maps? no way of clearing the fog in transit? no secondary bus route? no revelation that marlton is a time traveler (his watch with a different date and time)? no reveal that russman is a bigger bad than he or anybody knows (tranzit clue where it says STOP BUS.. the letter B is smeared and looks like the letter R hence STOP RUSS)? stu doesn't turn into a zombie and ravages the other 3 characters (he ate human flesh and has signs of being a zombie)? and I, along with other zombie followers, really wanted this.. but misty isn't tank dempsey's daughter?! all her similarities, her quotes, her American badass appeal.. so no? she's just a farm girl? what a dull way to end their stories this season 3arc.. buried easter egg was predictable and stale. why do you think we like our original characters so much? they were actually developed.. you know, back when you guys were creative with the storyline.

3. who is really in charge of ORIGINS? I didn't see a jimmy z or reza appearance in the trailers.. only saw jason blundell doing the zombies bit. since MOTD was influenced by the campaign team, I thought the original zombie developers were creating something massive for the next map, which eventually became buried. it was a fun map, but nothing epic and what I expected from a team who had time to build something intense.

4. the zombie that came out of the cave, trapped in the rocks, was definitely a templar knight. that point cannot be argued. his helmet and clothes give it away when he turns around. wondering if there were zombies in the medieval times..? so is ORIGINS really the origins?

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In the Buried intro, Marleton asks, "What if we don't find answers?"  Russman responds, "Then, we'll just have to ask more questions."  I honestly believe that dialogue is meant to be a poke at all of the theorizers and everyone who really cares about this zombies storyline.  At some point we will have to admit that the game developers won't ever give us the answers to the many burning questions we've had all this time.  They just sit back and laugh at all of the wasted breath.

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understand that. I'm not trying to create more theories.. I'm just wondering how the developers managed to drop the ball with this year's zombie campaign. I expected .. more. my belief is they've plateaued.

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I don't understand a thing. If Richtofen has the control of zombies WHY THE HELL IS HE ORDERING THEM TO KILL THE SURVIVORS??? Especially Stuhlinger who does Richtofen's will. Somebody plz answer to this.

Edit: I didn't mean to relpy to i_am_lengend but to anyone who knows the answer.

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I agree with you. I know he thinks this is a game, but why would Richtofen send zombies their way when he wants them to do an important task that can change the whole world.

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In moon when Maxis got Tank, Nikolai, Takeo and Samantha to destory earth it damaged Richtofen's link on earth and can't control the zombies properly.

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I think burried is the last map for the 4 new characters and they eventually die on burried because they are all dead in round infinity.

I would like to know what happened to the 3 original characters+Samantha(in Richtofin's body)

Did they die on moon? did they teleport back to earth? Are they still alive stuck on moon?

Origins is probably the last map with all these characters and I think they are going to start a new zombies fresh from scratch in Treyarch's next game.

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8 player story mode, both crews, next gen consoles, bigger map/capabilities.

you do know trollarch couldn't possibily answer all these questions, you know why? because they don't even know the story themselves. Yes they have a generalised mapped out story but they leave all these twist and turns to confuse the hell out of you. Thats what makes it have so much replay value. I mean treyarch wasn't even the ones who coined the term "samantha" ect. ect.

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Samantha: I will tell you how the story REALLY began... There's no time travel or shit, it's the beginning of the story, where it all started, period

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You never know, time bomb seems to make thing intrest as the teleports seemed to only send people forward where as time bom can send people back to the past. Both richtofen and maxis can have there reasons for going to the past. Now the question is how did it begin and does the future end playing a part in the past? There are ways to time travel with out creating pardoxes. And when I say this I mean that the timebomb opens some intresting things to the story now. The teleporters only took characters forward hence that call of the deadd take place close to 2010's, then moon and Nuketown follow it, after that its hard to tell because it seems they are in the future with die rise. One other thing to consider the campaign team is doing this right? This takes place before motd and al mentions nikoli so there might be a chance of seeing or al while he was alive.

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