Shotguns/Knife ONLY LOBBY PS3

Black Ops II Wii-U

Doing motd

-must have mic

-must have over knife

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why only higher then knife i play games with crossbones skulls and even bones rank doesnt mean nothing there are loads of ace players out there but they might always get a bad team so they dont get good stats i have shotguns and i play with anyone stop being big headed you jumped up child

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You do realize you're only being more of a child, when you respond like that, right?


Good luck getting knife ranks and shotgun ranks to cooperate together in the same game, most knife ranks complain/throw fits when a shotgun enters the lobby.

First words I hear; ''that guy just glitched to get his rank!", followed by them leaving the lobby and screaming "TRY HARD"(still don't understand a "try hard" zombie player, seems like you'd want that person on your team to help you pass the higher rounds?) into their mic.

I play more with skulls than any other ranks. They are more patient for high rounds, and don't demand you come pick them up the moment they go down.

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I have shotties, MOTD and a mic but i don't want to play with someone who cares about rank so much they'll only play with Kinife or higher.

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