Should I buy Mob of the Dead, Buried, or Origins?

Black Ops II Wii-U

So basically which is the best map to buy. What do you like about your favorite map and why? Just give me anything that will help me to choose which zombies map I should buy.

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MOB is my favorite in BO2 and i have met a lot of players on BO2 on this map.

Origins is a hard map to get in to, a lot of players in the public lobbies on this map at the moment.

Buried is a joke, i love the appeal and look of it but the map is made for noobs with some of the easiest strategies in history of COD zombies.

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I agree with boybad. Mob if the Dead is a pretty cool map and good with friends. I died the first 5 tries on Origins on round 2-3, it can feel overwhelming. As for buried, it's too easy with all perma perks.

MoB would be my choice.

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MOTD is a good hard map

not a lot of places to run trains

gets boring after you get set up

nothing to do with the story line

Buried it's an easy map

has a bank so you can get set up on rnd 1

gets boring after a while

nnice EE

ORigins is a hard map

iit's a nice map

nice EE

have the original 4 players

i I like Origins

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I would say that MotD and Origins are 2 of the better (if not best) maps on BO2, and would recommend getting them.

I didn't like Buried that much.  It's not awful... It's just not my favorite.

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It depends on what you're looking for.  I would personally go with Origins just because it provides maximum bang for your buck.  There is A LOT to this map and it takes some learning of the steps to get stuff done.  Time and patience are what you'll need to master it.  If you're looking for a challenge, Origins is where it's at. 

If you're looking for a more pure fun and casual zombie-slaying experience, Mob of the Dead is the map for you. 

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I'd agree with everyone saying mob.

I don't really play Origins anymore, because it

a) takes so long to get set up

b) makes me want to put a brick through my ps3 when I repeatedly go down <round 8.

I like buried, a lot of people hate on it, but personally, I don't find much to complain about it, other that it is SO easy.

Like ridiculously easy. When the map first came out, round 60 wouldn't even get you in the top 10000 players.

MOTD is cool, sometimes frustrating, yesterday I had a perfect game on solo till round 9, went to get the part for the plane on the spiral staircase, but I got caught on a rock, and went down. I had 3 afterlifes, and used all three trying to get out of the spot, and still went down. Whatever way I'd got caught, the zombies wouldn't go anywhere, even after zapping them.

Rant over.

Either way, of all three, I'd pick MOTD every time, the rest are cool, but replay value on buried is very limited.

And on Origins, it's hit and miss, I find I'll have a good game, then 2 bad games, but it's usually from making stupid mistakes.


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I would say origins. Motd is awesome for the first few games. Its awesome when you do the sidequests. Its sucks now. Nobody plays it, theres nothing left to do in it, i literally do the same thing every time. Get the blu skull blundergat, pap it, acid kit it, train in cafeteria. There is pretty much no replay value.

Buried is a really cool map, it has the best easter egg in the game, and it has a great sequence. Buy double tap, play the song, run through the mansion, kill zombies for points in the pap area. My favorite of the 3

Origins I recommend because its a mix of the 2. The staffs are a nice sidequest, but the actual map is hard so sometimes you fail to ge the staffs. The staffs are cool to upgrade, too. Much more replayable then motd. The easter egg sucks. The easter egg took me 4 hours. Half of it is waiting for the giant robots.

If you are looking to do easter eggs, go for buried. i did the rictofen easter egg and its really good. Not frustrationg, but a perfect mix of cryptic and fun. The endgame is also pretty cool.

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MOTD of course....if u can download 2 then u better take mob and buried

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origins is amazing, definitely a lot of things to do, and playing with the old characters is cool. Giant robots and staffs are awesome. Theres a tank, huge exploration sites, literally an exploration site. The crazy place is awesome. I think it offers much more than any of the other maps.

I would do origins.

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