Should I buy Mob of the Dead, Buried, or Origins?

Black Ops II Wii-U

I'm not sure if anyone on this post has mentioned it yet, but another plus for MOTD is that it's like the only map on BO2 that has traps. 

After all the replies on here, I think it's safe to say you should just buy all 3 maps lol
If you enjoy zombies, then they're worth it.

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also take into account, MotD has cell block for grief matches. Buried has borough for grief and turned however imo its the worst map for both of those modes. Origins doesnt have either of those modes.

another thing i dont anyone has commented on is that buried has four different buildables. mob and origins technically have 2, but its just a shield and some secondary thing depending on map.

lastly, if youve got friends that you commonly play zombies with, origins would be a good choice. although it may take some getting used to, you can always change it up "lets trade staffs each wave" "lets camp on the tank till we die". i feel the same can be said for Mob just on a smaller scale. Sure you can do that on buried but unless you agree not to use the buildables its really boring.

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It all depends on your playstyle. I personally like MOTD best. To me, it's the best Zombie map in all 3 Zombies games.

MOTD has the best atmosphere of all maps (in my eyes, at least). The gameplay is fun, afterlife is a fun addition, it's FUN to build the plane (unlike normal Buildables in Buried, Tranzit and Die Rise, where it's just annoying). Great characters, great weapons, Brutus, and yeah. The map is all in all perfect, except for one little thing - once you've been to the bridge once, it feels old. You can get bored fast, but if you have challenges, playing with friends or other things, it should be fun for a long time!

Buried is... meh. I really like the western style, as I've always wanted a western Zombie map. The thing with Buried is that it has the Tranzit-DieRise-Buried features: Perma-perks, Bank and Fridge, and those things ruin the real Zombies gameplay in my opinion. Perma Perks are just a mess, you don't know when you have one, you don't know when you lose one, and many of them are OP (like Perma-Tombstone). The Bank... well, you can get over 100k points on round 1. Need to say more? And the Fridge, well, it isn't as OP as the Bank and PermaPerks, but it's still OP in my eyes. And the Big Guy. He's fun at first, but after a while get gets annoying when needing to watch out not to shoot him or hit him with a grenade. If he runs into his cage again, you have to go through the whole friggin map to find the key again, and you actually NEED the Big Guy to open up several areas. And, as people here has mentioned, the map is very easy, having the 3 features I talked about, Paralyzer, the Big Guy, powerful buildables, camping spots, training areas, easy Perk Bottles, 7 perks... yeah.

Origins is very good. The problem I have with Origins is the setup; I feel I don't have the freedom when playing Origins. Having to watch over the Generators, getting staff pieces (if you want them, though) early enough to not make it too hard, get a weapon at a specific round to survive (or, you don't NEED to, but you get the point). It's almost as every round is similar, because you nearly need to follow a certain strategy to get far, depending on what you're planning to do, unlike many other maps (like MOTD) where you are just free to roam and go where you want to go, and still get far. The Panzer soldat jumps in at round 8, so you need to get a good weapon within that time. And if you go down on Origins, you rage more than any other map, haha!

On the good side, though, Origins has the original 4 characters, it has great weapons (the staffs are AMAZING!), and there is a Staff for every player, meaning that all players can get a wunder weapon. And all staffs are good, and the other players can even help building them. And instead of simple Pack a Punch, you need to go through a challening process to upgrade them. The Staffs are amazing. The Panzer Soldat is really challenging and dangerous (thinking of the Grip Claw... UGH!). It has many features; the Shovel, Golden Shovel, Golden Helmet, Thunderpunch, Airstrike Grenade, Staffs, Upgraded Staffs, Upgraded Thunderpunch, Perk Bottles, Wunderfizz... and yeah. The map has a lot. I would just recommend that, at least when I play it, I make sure to play with people who knows what they're doing, because, as I said, it's so frustrating to have a bad game in Origins.

And one more thing about Origins - Samantha. I hate her. "PLEASE!" "AGARTHA!" "SECRET!" AGARTHA AGARTHA AGARTHA PLEASE PLEASE!" Man, she gets annoying >.< XD

So, my conclusion: I like MOTD best. It's a perfect map. Not too many complicated and OP features like Buried, not as difficult/long as Origins, and it has just THE best atmosphere *_*

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MoTD is the worst map in BO2. I think we can all agree that the layout is bad, its huge and it only has a few training areas, like he said once youve done the sidequests once the map is really boring, Origins and buried dont have that problem. Every game on origins i get a different staff or no staff and theres 9 perks and it actually has a good layout. Buried doesnt have a great layout but it is my favorite of those 3 its just an awesome map. Its not that easy if you dont use the bank, which i dont.

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M3NTZ3R29 wrote:

MoTD is the worst map in BO2. I think we can all agree that the layout is bad, its huge and it only has a few training areas

The layout is anything but bad. Sure the map can be overwhelmingly big, but isn't every zombies map like that nowadays? I think it's awesome to be playing at the actual Alcatraz prison, so I have no problems with the map. And there are plenty of training areas that I can think of:

1) cafeteria

2) docks

3) GG bridge

4) roof

Thats about as much as any other map.

And it has a couple good camping spots if you have the Acid Gat:

1) Gondola

2) the showers in the caged in area next to the laundry machine

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Another good thing/cool feature about MOTD

The Death Machine is in the Mystery Box and you can PaP it.  You run really slow with it, but I still like getting it.

I also really like the PaP camo on MOTD

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MoTD or Origins. You want a challenge MoTD everyone else has pretty summed up why its a good map; if you want the original zombies cast Origins is the map you want. Oh did I mention that Origins has three 1000 foot tall robots one of which you can be in...

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buy bo1 with free first stike. you will get 3 epic maps

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First Strike? It only includes Ascension for zombies...

I think you maybe thinking of Rezurrection which includes 4 WaW maps and moon.

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Rez:= moon +4




der reise

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