Should I buy Mob of the Dead, Buried, or Origins?

Black Ops II Wii-U

Personally motd is my least favorite map it is so boring and the same thing and I think origins is way better because it is a good challenge unlike mob you just get vitriolic withering train in cafe with 4 perks and get to whatever round while on origins at least you have a challenge with the panzers and robots also the close quarters origins is way better motd sucks

this is my opinion reply if you disagree or agreee and tell me why


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Well it depends really if you are inexperienced go with burried it can be fun with the things you have to do but a noob can reach round 30 seriously I get setup by round 1 (yes I like the map and lot)

Wells if you're quite experienced and want to have some fun slaying zombies play mob

Issue is that the map can be complex not hard but just complex since all the things you have to do I like brutus a lot he adds a nice challenge the wonder weapons is a beast(maybe op) hells retriever and redeemer are really cool too

Now my favourite origins oriins is for experienced players it can be really tough I personally don't struggle too much it is a lot of fun too staffs awesome maybe sometimes tedious (I'm looking at you wind staff). Tank is cool addition,fun too easter Egg can be fun(but sometimes ***** near impossible solo because of "rain fire") the shovel is really cool too and I actually like the panzer as a boss he addsr a challenge(I HATE IT WHEN HE LANDS ON ME THOUGH)

The generators are fun and unique(I hate when 1 and 6 are getting attacked tho)

Isuues though a is the fact that it takes so darn long to setup tranzit level long seriously after 2 hours it's only round 18 and panzers landing on me that makes me want to break my controller(round 8 isn't hard tho since I always have jugg and a lightning staff ready) also the wind staff which is my favourite can be the hardest to get sincentre I have to wait for the robots.

Replay billy

Buried:low it's just way too easy

Mob:high it's fun sometimes complex but fun

Origins:medium origins is time consuming but lots of fun

Easter egg:

Burried: fun rewarding too but I hate the make a wish step with randoMs since there is always someone who misses

Mob:easy but cool the easter egg is fun but it's very easy I love the boss fight against weasel that can be fun 

Origins:Really Tough sometimes but it's so much fun(except for rain fire solo) the crazy place becomes such a cool place to train and if you know how to get the elemental knife(down yourself in a robot when done the ee)will be a one shot till round 100+


Burried awesome it's the end of the victus timeline

Mob:unique and cool our crew(gangsters) are trapped in an infite cycle of dying and athe the end of the ee(which sadly is not canon) the loop breaks or continues

Origins: used to hate it until I found out that they arch can mare the Lore however they want that is so creative 


Burried:none enough said

Mob:quite a bit mobetter has a lot of stuff to do which requires memory and skill but a lot of fun and not too difficult 

Origins:To be get dar on origins you need 2 things 1:experience  and 2Smiley Tongueatience (a lot)

But for  patient experienced players can be a lot of fun 


Burried 8.5 it's very easy that harms the map but it's fun 

Mob 9.5 fun cool theme cool Lore but there are so many things to do brutus is cool but mob can get boring once setup

Origins:10.0 great fun awesome easter Egg lot of things to do panzer adds difficulty but still fun staffs are fun to build and very unique and powerful the shovel is usefull tankle is cool the primis crew is my favourite the side quests are nice but setting up is very time consuming and that harms origins' replayabilty(btw I'm a solo player)

Personal opinion origins winstaff but if you are not very experienced then go with burried and if you are intermediate or just don't want to spend an hour setting up then mob. All I have to say now you may choose after all that I said you may choose which map you want 


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