So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Overall it's been a great experience for me. Judging by my time I have sinking in a little over 1,500 total hours on both my NNIDs that does count sitting in lobbies, private matches and leaving my Wii on often.

The campaign was good; multiple endings added a little spice to it (BO1s was my favorite )

Zombies meh, never really cared for it. Personally I get bored after round 10 because after all it's just running around in circles killing zombies. There isn't really a challenge or goal to full fill other than going for a high round which can take hours..

Multiplayer....umm This will probably be long.

I do hate how the wii remote was screwed up and make me switch to DA but in a way I'm happy now since I'm accustomed to DA because previously I couldn't pull a 1 KD with it. So now if I ever get a PS4 or XB1 if WiiU ever goes farther down hill.....going off topic....CORN PUFFS.

Things that I liked:

Scorestreaks - The feeling when you get 4 capture kills on the B flag and the flag cap to finish off to give a total of 1000 score...<3 Also it increased objective play but there are still those noobs who play like its TDM. It's funny how when you want your teammates to cap a flag they don't but if you don't so the game can go on a little longer they swarm over the flags and make the game end 3 minutes early.

Pick 10: Added so much variety to making classes instead of it being the "ACR-Scavenger-Assassin-stalker" of MW3 that everyone ran.

The maps: The maps are pretty great though a little to head glitchy at some places but overall I find them great compared to MW3.. I do hate open and Drone is a camp fest.

Competitive - BO2 competitive is also very fun. Though I hate when M8A1 players whip out their B23Rs and can easily destroy my SMG. ;(. Hardpoint is fantastic gamemode. BO1=everyone used famas = no one has an advantage over anyone<3

Also SPM being in the combat record so I can laugh at people who camp for their 4 KDs with only a 200 SPM...Yes, I do understand playing Search, FFA and TDM won't get as high of a SPM as Domination or Hardpoint.

What I hated

Guns: R870 last second panic shots. Dang.... I don't know anyone who won't agree with me but R870 is annoying as fudge because lots of time a noob gets the kill when they didn't have to react fast or have good accuracy. B23R and KAP40 were sort of annoying but thankfully they weren't used that much.

LMGs....LMGs...LMGs....The LMGs in this game are complete death lasers...The target finder promotes camping with them even more. LSAT is a PDW with no recoil, infinite range and a quickdraw and stock and put it make it ADS faster and move faster.. LSW is a beast but it has this thing called recoil and a huge muzzle flash with doesn't affect the LSAT.

Quickscoping: Well I've explained why this is cheap, annoying, overused and broken 100 times on this forum during the past year..........

Best memories:  The time I went 154-7 on Raid Domination solo (well one guy was in my party but he wasn't running support streaksto help me out). Hitting 100,000 kills. Joining InK back in November...Had a lot of good times partying with NKO...Too bad Huskies left for Xbox. Also uploaded my first 3 videos on youtube. Got someone else to record it out of my theater.

Worst Memories: Accidentally reseting and losing my 148,000 kills, 21 days of gametime, 1490 swarms and 50 nuclears. Long story about how I "accidentally reset". 

Questions: Am I like the only one who hasn't really had a problem with spawns? Even in MW3 I didn't have a problem. I play ground war and it has 9 people.....I will admit Hijacked sucks because A: You're getting spawn trapped or B: You are spawn trapping but sharing the kills between your teammates because everyone knows how to spawntrap on that map.

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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You switched to DA fizz?? OMG I can't believe what I just read..

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Yea, Back in November after the game was out for on week. The controls were soooo broken back then. And the sudden snaps when being host........

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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I liked it, but it could never compare to BO1's. I did like the fact that they included hitmarkers and a create a class system,


Again, I liked it, but not as much as BO1. It sucked how we only got one map, because Tranzit sucked IMO.


What was good?

  • The Pick 10 System
  • The guns were very well balanced compared to other CoDs.
  • Multiple controller support.
  • Hardpoint
  • Scorestreaks and the different ways to earn them
  • Emblem Editor
  • League Play (even though not too many people play it)
  • Raid, Yemen, and Standoff.

What was bad?

  • Target Finder
  • The patch that messed up the wiimote
  • The lack of patches
  • No DLC/Nuketown 2025
  • Overflow, Aftermath, Carrier, Turbine and Hijacked

Favourite Memories?

  • Making some friends that I always love to go into parties with.
  • Not really about the game, but joining the forums.
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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Overall, i liked and enjoyed it..... i never knew about DLC content until after months of having the game.... never really cared for it, i like using the wiimote and pretty much that is the only reason i bought the game. i already pre ordered ghosts and will enjoy it if its the same as BO2. Im probably take the day off on the Nov 5, to play it all freaking day... there are already a handful of people who are going to be there on the 5th..... as far as DLC and people saying it gets old and boring playing the same maps, what i did was just trying to finish all the little challenges, prestige all weapons, i see so many after looking at their profiles that they just stick to one weapon and just use that one all of the time, especially snipers...

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well if you like wiimote action, COD and no DLC you should really look into picking up W@W and maybe MWR...

BO and MW3...your account will get hopped and everything will get deleted.

W@W will make you a better player and MWR will teach you how to play in extreme lag.

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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I spent a lot of BO2 going solo and it was.....meh.

It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. I just didn't have as much fun with BO2 as I had with past CoD titles(MW3 doesn't exist). Wiimote controls were screwed up all around. Lag? Lag was funky.

I guess what I hated the most about BO2 is that not many people played it. I lost contact with many old allies who I wish I still gamed with. More often than not I was all by myself. OH AND GOD DAMN MODAFUDGING LMGS GOING CHOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Multiplayer was fun until Ghosts dropped. Now ActivisionTreyarch doesn't GAF and it's overrun with retard hackers and other sorts of lowlifes.     

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Re: So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

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Excuse me for not being nerd enough to differentiate between "hacking" and "cheating."

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