Strategy to ranking up on zombies

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Strategy to ranking up on zombies

When I look through these posts about ranking system complaints, I always get more and more determined to find out what the system really means and how people are ranking up in their games, A lot of people have messaged activision support about it and they have said in response that it is all based on your improvement throughout your RECENT GAMES . Like I expected those people disagreed, but why?

Well over the long period of time this game has been out I have found a lot of, let's just say clues about the ranking system working, People have been going on about KD ratio being the full reason of the system, but is it the full one? or is it just one of the ways it could work?

In addition to complaints, this is a title of a post I read some time ago, "Why did they not put a rank refresh option in!". Looking upon this maybe they did put one in, but it isn't an in-game option. Well this is bit of proof I found recently, after all tally marks are lost. If you look in the recent games section of theater, there isn't any. Sometimes there is but it's uncommon, but just think about it. If you would play a normal game now with no recent games then this is where activision's statement comes in, IMPROVEMENT. The first game you play with an empty recent games section will be your main game. If you were to get 1000 kills and 2 downs on that first game then you have something to improve upon don't you. Try another game and do better and continue improving until you notice your rank follows, believe me you will! My friend on xbox is hellbent on beating my highest round of 73 on die rise, he was gradually improving without even noticing how much he was improving. After reaching round 54, a massive improvement of his recent game of round 34 he got ranked up to knife and skull, he went crazy about it of course because he had been stuck at skull for months, kind of like I've been stuck at knife and skull for nearly 10 months. But I benefitted from his rank up, as it gives that bit of evidence that improvement is linked to the system somehow. This was only recently. I've not been paying any attention to zombies gameplay as I was going through all my friends recent games and every game he did was a slow but visable improvement. And when he got knife a few days ago, its just clear that the system must include the improvement strategy that activision themselves gave to us willingly, I sure had my doubts when they told me but had to think that what if they are telling the truth? Anyways just try and use this to the best you guys can, leave comments about any thoughts for the ranking system. Good luck with your rank and I hope this helps, spent a ton of time putting all these ideas together.


My friend got his shotguns yesterday, very pleased with him. He had got very close to my highest round of 73, he got to 68. After this game he got his shotgun rank. He had not played any smaller games between getting to round 54 and the game he got 68. Try to keep improving your games, if you have ranked up using this strategy then comment to this post so more people will pay attention. I'm currently working on some zombie games doing this strategy and so far so good. Tommorrow I will do one huge game to get at least to round 90 or even higher. If I get shotguns then it is just clear that this is a good way to rank up and possibly the full working of the ranking system.

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