T.E.D.D : Your tour guide to doom

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T.E.D.D : Your tour guide to doom

Hey guys,

Here are the locations T.E.D.D mentions on his route. (Sorry if I've missed any)

I had typed these out in full with description and more in depth explanation of the descriptions, but lost it when my browser faffed up so I've just written this as simple as possible.

I've looked at different possibilities for each place, some have more history than others  but I've only written the links to nuclear power/weapons and aliens, as this seems to be the most common occurence but there was quite a few links to chemical and biological weapons testing aswell.

Greenbrier Resort - Nuclear Bunker

Bohemian Grove - Apparently the the Manhatten project was planned here.

Tehachapi Ranch - Also know as the northrop facility, this has all sorts of links to the development of Nuclear weapons (and aliens)

Grand Central Station - The granite the station is made of gives off more radiation that is allowed from a nuclear reactor. (I think theres more to this one though)

Yellowstone Park - Uranium mines

Harvard Yard - not 100% sure. Only reasonable link i can find so far is to Bohemian Grove through Pres Roosevelt.

Santa Monica Promenade -

Fast Flux Test Facility - Test reactor at Hanford

Island of Hawaii - Nuclear waste disposal and highaltitude testing of nukes in the 60's

Grand Canyon - Uranium mines

Houston Astrodome -  Nuclear bunker proposed on blueprints. Astro turf pitch was made by the Monsanto company who make round up weedkiller, produced Agent Orange and had a part to play in the Manhatten Project

Savannah River Tritium Kay Reactor - situated at Hanford, this was the first reactor to be controlled by computer

Great Slave Lake - Uranium mines

Mount Weather - Measures radiation in the air + Underground bunker that supposedly

Mount Rushmore - Uranium mines

Pismo Beach - Diablo Canyon Nuclear reactor

Groom Lake - area 51+ possible uranium mines

Haarp  - Some people think it cause Nuclear type explosions without radiation

Deep Springs Gravitational Anomaly- Underground facility where apparently humans and aliens co-exist

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