The Best MOTD High round strategy Detail Guide- Solo 100 +

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The Best MOTD High round strategy Detail Guide- So...

So, this is my first post on MOTD. Sound different from the Topic ?

Let me explain the strategy in rounds - Solo - Primary weapon is the Acid Trap and Zombie shield.(Skip to round 35 and above if you already achieved that and still want more) This is tesed and proved to be the best strategy ever. No Glitch. Enjoy and ask questions, Since I have left so many Topics with less info.

Round 1

Take the Double points, 6 hit below the head and 7th hit on the leg and Knife the Zombie. Basic thing. You will get 400 points for each zombie. You will have around 3000 points when the round ends. Buy the M14.

Round 2

1000 points to open the Library door. Feed the first Dog - 6 * 140 points and kill one by one to get 3000 points to open the next two doors for the Second Dog in Infirmary.  One hit with M14 and knife

Round 3, 4 and 5

Round 3 - 2 Hit with M14 and knife

Round 4 - 3 Hit with M14 and knife

Round 5 - Aim for the Heads with M14

Use the Double points whenever possible

If the Nuke interrupted your Feed, then it will drag you to a few more rounds. Grab the Warden's Key. Feed the Third Dog and Dring Jug and get the Cylinder part and 1st Part for the Shield. Buy a Thompson or Uzi.

Round 6 to 10

Get the retriever and head to Cafeteria and activate the third Double points to score some points. Do not use the retriever.

Round 11 to 15

You should have atleast 15k points by Now. Buy Speed Cola and Cherry (Optional in these rounds). Dont buy Double tap now. Buy ammo for your Uzi or Thompson or Hit the Mystery box for an Assault Rifle. No Blundergats or Death Machine now. 

At the end of round 15 Leave two walking zombies that has not got hit by your weapons (Coz they will die when you are too far if they are hit)

you should now have around 20 k + Jug + Speed Cola + Cherry + a few expensive doors open

Build the zombie shield in Cafeteria (I will tell you why in later rounds) and grab all the plane parts. Through the Retriever in the Lava and Grab the Five Skulls. Build the Acid Gat.

Hit the Mystery box for a Death Machine Now. You should get it easily. (You would already got it in a Fire


Get the Blundergat in the Wardens office. Board the plane, Through the Retriever while the plane speeds up.

Round 16 - 18

PAP Blundergat and Death Machine. Kill the zombies with the Retriever until you hear the Loud Zombie scream. (The Redeemer task)

Go back to Alcatraz in round 18 while leaving a few zombies left.

Get the redeemer (See the videos in youtube for more details) and PAP the Gat with Acid Gat. Get the Golden Spork. (Read how to get the Golden spork in other threads)

19 - 35

Build the Zombie shield in Cafeteria and you are going to survive here for the rest of the game.

Train the zombies with your Gat and when the Train is full. Get outside of Cafeteria slowly. The zombies will come out in a line which will be easy for you take them out with your Meat Grinder. Use your Redeemer while in Train for more points and kills.

Meat Grinder will help you to finish upto round 30 in no time.

(The theory is big, But when you do that, You should reach round 30 around an hour)

Use your Gat only when you are Trapped. Else, Dont use it. Grab the shield, the moment zombie breaks it. Thats why you need to Build the shield in Cafeteria.

35 and above

Here is the best part. Now you should have around 300K

Start the round in cafeteria where you have Double points in the beginning. The moment you see zombies come close to you. Run into the Cafeteria and activate the Acid Trap. Entire first wave will spawn outside the Cafeteria, Since you have stayed there and there are many doors out the cafeteria. You should run inside the Cafeteria and kill the zombies with your Redeemer.

When you hear the Trap ready to activate again. Train the zombies to the right. With the shield, they cannot hit you. Do a 180 from outside the cafeteria right to left and you will be exactly outside theCafeteira door with all zombies behind you. Now go and hit the Acid Trap again. All the zomies coming behind you will die and also a Bonus. Since you came from outside. There will be more zombies die in the same Trap.

Since the Trap costs only 1000 Points and you have Tons of point to spend. You can do that forever to reach any round.

Meat grinder can clear a wave even in round 50. So No need to worry about points or power ups. Max ammo is not required in this case. Since your Primary weapon is the Trap and Shield.

I played round 49 without ammo in my Gat and Grinder. In round 50 I changed Both and Brutus Spawn to give me Max Ammo(Such a Troll, Thanks to Redeemer and MP5K) 

If no ammo. Buy a wall weapon and Try for the Gat and DM again. If down in middle of a round. (No ammo, you are done) If ammo in Gat is good, you can very well go to Jug and come back with Cherry and land inside Cafeteria.


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