Top 5 Maps so far...

Black Ops II Wii-U


I go through phases on maps. There all good imo.

Sometimes I will play the sht outta Der Riese and Kino. Other times I will go through a Vertuckkt and Die Rise phase and so on..

In other words top 5 is a hard pick lol.

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Nacht Der Untoten

Kino Der Toten

Der Riese

Call of the Dead


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So for the most part WE are all kind of missing World at War - Black ops 1 style kind of maps?  Looks like it...  Complex EE's are one thing & I know Treyarch has to kind of raise the difficulty factor but PLEASE don't punish us for wanting to play COD zombies...  Make it fun again for us, really hoping this map has much replay value Treyarch...

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1) Call of the dead : This map features 3 awesome wonder weapons, has an awesome easter egg, and is the funnest map in my opinion. So much to do, it's Very fun.

2) Tranzit : There is alot to do on this map, hidden secrets and challenging atmosphere is definetly what has made this map on my top 5.

3) Ascension : This map is very complex, and generally a fun map. It introduce 2 new perks, one of them being my favorite perk that I think is the most underpriced and useful perk " Stamin-up" as well as a good back stroy and a knew device causes a saucey twist.

4) Five : This map is very challenging, and is one of the cleanest and most mint ideas of Treyarch, a breach at the pentagon, is definetly a badass idea.

5) De Rise : The color, of the bright lights and electrical charges on the buildings create an astronomical expierence, and in my opinion this is the easiest and most fan - favorited map.

5) Natch Der Untoten : This map is filled with challenge, but is very boring in my opinion, however, I think this map made an amazing first map, just a classic

4) Nuketown : This happens in the events of Richtofen's grand scheme, which you would think by that amphlication, this would be a good map. Honest to god this map sucks.

3) Dead ops Arcade : Another ideotic creation by treyarch

2) Die rise : While this map is difficult and very challenging, after a while it gets boring and it has a terrible back story along with very complex execution. I was pumped for this map, and I love to play on this map with my buddies, but it gets boring. And the structural integrity is terrible. But the Building theme was cool, it wasn't living up to its standards.

1) Shi No Numa : This map is soooo hard, I have gotten to round 32 on Ascension, but my highest on Shi no Numa is 7. Maybe I dont know the strategy, but this map is fu(k!ng horrible.

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1. Der Riese

This is no doubt my most favourite. It has that feeling to it. That's where it all begun. Not when it comes to the maps, of course, but where the big stuff happened. It's so awesome to think about fighting zombies in Group 935's headquarters. Also, it introduced the Monkeys, PaP and the Wunder Waffe. It has a great design, traps, teleporters etc. All in all, a great map.

2. Mob of the Dead

We're on friggin Alcatraz. We're playing as fantastic characters, who also are real life actors. The map has this spooky feeling to it. It is also the first map to introduce soundtracks to it, depending on where you are and what you do. (For example, when you get a plane part, or if you are at a certain area, a certain soundtrack will play). This really gives the map a new feeling. This was a also done in Buried. MOTD also has the Blundergat which has two forms. It has AK47, Uzi, M1927 (Thomson), Deadshot, Electric Cherry, Death Machine etc. Also Brutus, the plane, and just everything fits together.

3. Buried

I've always wanted a farm-like map. When we got the Farm survival map, I was a little dissapointed. When we got Buried, I said "Hurray!". That western/farm style, I've ALWAYS wanted that for a Zombies map. Also, it has soundtrack depending on what you do and where you are, just like MOTD. It has The Big Guy/Leroy/Jack (whatever you wanna call him) which is a great addition, since it's cool having him walking around the map, and also all of his uses, like building stuff for you, open barricades, draw weapons, beat zombies, move the box, etc. He is just great. The Paralyzer is cool (Maybe a little OP, but heck). We have all the different houses we can enter, great choice of buildables, the Mansion (and the ghosts are a great addition). We have a maze in the backyard which always changes, which is great since then we never know exactly where to go. We have 7 perks, including the new Vulture-Aid which is a great perk. And a lot more great stuff to Buried.

4. Call of the Dead

A frozen abandonded ship and lighthouse? What can be more scary? The map is massive, and having George can be annoying sometimes, but he will interrupt with our camping and training, which gives a lot more variety in the game. It has two new Wunder Weapons; the V-R11 and the Scavenger. The Scavenger is one of the most amazing and cool weapons ever, and the V-R11 is a beast in coop. You have the ziplines, and the shooting-canon-thingy on the ship. As I said, the map is scary, since it's an frozen ship stranded on an island with a light house. I love it. Simply love it. There are also no Monkeys or Gerch Devices on this map, which makes it harder. We have the dolls, though, which are really cool. Great design, you also get a free perk from killing George, and also a Death Machine or Wunder Waffe (depending if you have done the Easter Egg or not). This map is brilliant, and I'd love to have it remade into BO2 with BO2 weapons, but keeping the Wunder Weapons. It would be awesome to kill Zombies there with the Mark 2, M1216 and others. Same with Der Riese.

5 Moon

At first, I didn't like this map AT ALL. Then, it became on of my favourites. I mean, c'mon, we're at the friggin MOON! We can see the Earth, we can choose between the Hacker and the Space Helmet, which is a neat feature. The Hacker can do so much, and is great. No Man's Land/Area 51 is awesome. Zombies spawn with no limit, and the rounds pause when you're there. A great place to earn points and you also need to go there to get Jugg, Speed and PaP. You can hack the PaP to get a fence around in order to stay safe, which I love. The design of the map is also good, and the Wave Gun, which again can be converted into the Zap Guns, is one of my favourite Wunder Weapons in Zombies. It also has the Gearch Device, and the new QED, or the Random Grenade as I like to call it. It can do so much, all from giving off a big explosion to Pack-a-Punching your weapon. The only things I don't like with this map is the escevators, the Astronaut Zombies, and the fact that all players must be on the teleporter in order to teleport. This way, playing with randoms without mic on Moon becomes nearly impossible, as it either becomes impossible to leave Area 51, or impossible to get back to get Juggernog, since we never get all 4 players to step on the teleporter at the same time.

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1. MOtD- great atmosphere and easter egg/story

2. Asencion- a lot of fun to play with friends

3. Die Rise- good solo map with good guns

4. Kino- first map i ever played, a blast to play woth friends

5. Tranzit- many challenges and things to do, isnt easy to get to perks/box so it takes some skill to know what to do and how to get everything

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world at war maps where the best as each one added a major game changer to it E.G (nacht was the first map) der riese had the pack a punch.

i also like moon aswell i loved the no mans land.

black ops 2 tranzit, die rise, buried these maps are good as they had new elements in the game we havent seen before but motd was great in many ways as there was after life but after life did also ruin the game for solo as it was basically unlimited quick revive made the map way to easy than what it should have been.

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