Top 5 Maps so far...

Black Ops II Wii-U


1.) Der Riese - What can I say about this map that hasn't been said already?  The basic set up of the map & the atmosphere is a sick mix, especially for it's time.  The fact that you can run laps, teleport to escape zombies was & still is great to this day.  Also introduced monkey bombs for the first time & had the Wonder waffel...

2.) Tranzit - I know many here might not have liked this map & many will disagree w/ me but I thought this map was brilliant.  Yes, there is fog.  Yes there are little hideous creatures ( that are somewhat annoying ) within the fog!  I just thought the concept of a robot operating a bus in a post apocalyptic-zombie infested world was amazing.  Also, it introduces our new characters...

3.) Nacht Der Untoten - This is the one that started it all for me & like most of you got you hooked on COD zombies.  Just thought it was a brilliant idea all around... Holding down the fort style gameplay whilst Nazi zombies are coming after players from all directions. 

4.) Ascension - Great map for running the undead into those flaming fiery traps & making some last second escapes a rocket boosted telepad.  Introduced players to one of the best perks in COD zombies history, Phd flopper!  For being the first DLC pack Treyarch did a great job on this one compared to ( my opinion ) Black ops 2, Die Rise...ugh...

5.) Moon - The season final to Black ops 1, also it had one of the best & rewarding EE's in any other zombie map ( Other than Buried. ) Besides the astronaut & those teleporting crawlers I thought this map was pretty well done. 

Would like to see what maps are your top five?

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1. Der Reise

2. Shangri La: It's hard and takes skill.

3. Mob Of the Dead: George & the fog ruin this otherwise perfect map, but you need a challange.

4. Moon

5. Kino Der Toten

Honourable Mentions:

Shi No Numa, Verruct, Ascension & Die Rise.

(Haven't played MOTD & Buried yet)

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If you like Call of the dead you'll like MOTD...  Haven't played Buried yet either, look's pretty good though.  Nice list.

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Call of the dead not Mob of the dead

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Shangri La


Shi No Numa

CotD being my favorite despite the fact that I hate every single playable character.

Honorable mention to DOA. ♥

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Mention to Shi No Numa and BO1 Nacht

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Five was a blast, about to pop in the 'ol disc & play that map...

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Mob of the Dead



Just my opinion. Im sure everyone has their own opinions

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I'm going to include my 5 least favorite maps as well.


  1. Der Riese: This map took everything to the next level. The introduction of the Pack-A-Punch and Bowie Knife were seen here and have been a staple in nearly every map since. There were Easter eggs everywhere, and they all make the maps seem that much more special. I also really love the setting.
  2. Ascension: Yes it's easy, but it is probably the most fun map on Black Ops 1. I loved everything about this map. The introduction to PhD Flopper and Stamin-Up were a welcome addition. The way that you activated the Pack-A-Punch is actually my favorite method next to Shangri-La's. The Space Monkeys in my opinion should come back, the strategy that involves protecting the perk machines is so fun in my opinion.
  3. Mob of the Dead: If you've seen me post on the forums before, you know I am in love with this map so I wont go into too much detail. I love the setting, I love how there is a good mix of both camping and training, I love the weapons, I just love this map.
  4. Verruckt: This is the map that got me hooked on zombies. I played Nacht der Untoten and it didn't do much for me, but Verruckt amped everything up. The introduction to perks, the power switch, and traps made this map feel like it's on a whole other level from Nacht. The setting was the best out of any map, the atmosphere was the creepiest we've had to date. Not to mention, this is probably the hardest map in zombies history. Not to mention, being seperated at the start of the game is a great concept that I really want to see happen again.
  5. Moon: The final map in Black Ops 1 was also one of the best. I love the idea of the anti-gravity, I love the setting, I love everything about this map... Well aside from the astronaut. The Easter egg is my favorite out of any zombies map ever. The introduction to Mule Kick and the Hacker just made this map require even more strategy. Not to mention, this was the biggest map before Black Ops 2 got released.

Honerable mentions: Buried, Shangri-La, Call of the Dead, Shi No Numa, Kino der Toten, and "Five"


  1. Dead Ops Arcade: I don't really have to go into detail here do I? For what it is, it's not horrible. It's kind of fun if you play with 3 other players are try to screw each other over. But other than that, it was just a pointless little game mode.
  2. TranZit: I don't think I need to go into detail about why I don't like this map. The map is very big, yet has nothing to do in it. The areas are very boring and small. The bus was a cool concept, but wasn't executed very well. It introduced buildables, but half of them sucked. TranZit had a lot of good ideas, but horrible execution.
  3. Nuketown Zombies: Another map that really needs no explanation. The perks come at random times (which sucks), there is no cool wonder weapon, no Easter egg, nothing.
  4. Nacht der Untoten: I know it was the start of zombies, and I know it is one of the toughest maps in zombies, but it's just not that great compared to other maps. For what it was, it was fun. But now, there really is no reason to go back and play it.
  5. Die Rise: A lot of Black Ops 2 maps on my worst list. I don't hate this map, I just get bored with it very quickly. It is a pain to get around, the elevators take forever, and all around the map is just kind of wasted potential. It was rumored that the developers were rushed when making this map and with all the glitches that this map has, I believe that rumor.
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1. Shangri La - (Most Fun)

2. Die Rise - (Best Atmosphere)

3. Call of the Dead - (All Around Good Map)

4. Moon (Most Epic)

5. Mob of the Dead - (Best Wonder Weapon)

I haven't played Buried yet but from what I've seen I think it would take Moon's place for me.

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