TranZit Ending Discovered!

Black Ops II Wii-U

The silly thing to me is I've seen other forum posts where people THOUGHT you needed a turbine in both the power station and the bank to open the basement and access the PaP.  Honestly, we thought you needed 2 turbines to get into the basement for a few weeks and even had to run extra laps on the map to pick up second turbines.  And nobody would've stumbled upon this "Ending" by now?  Hell, there's a power symbol at both locations.  I've NEVER discovered a new thing for the Zombies community and I was able to make the logical jump to try this already.

I hate when I do some research after a week or so hoping for some new intel on Tranzit and get garbage like this.

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he's a troll. he deleted my message. probably scared. lmao. like i'd waste my money driven somewhwere. just for him. lol. not worth it. but it did prove my hypothese. they are little chicken s***s who hide behind computers. i got picked on when i was little. but i took iy like a man. not act out like a feiry. oh woe is me. men tell it like it is. fieries prance around making up stories to opress thier lame a** childhood issues. DOWN WITH TROLLS. lol

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well all you can do is try it, if it doesnt work you will look lke a fool, if does work no one will care who found it

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It works trolooollooooo... The ending was that marlton got stuck with his head between the doors. Misty broke her fingers and died. The other two died from laughing

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ok boys d-cap08 on psn add me lets either finish this tranzit or debunk this knucklehead for good<must have mic> on all day

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hes a troll, the characters return in Die Rise and Rez said there is a way out OTHER than death

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Hey OP add me on psn so we can see if your right Akatsuki_Juggalo

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Bottom line, OP is a troll, and a bad one at that.

There is no cut scene, or other doors in PAP Area that open... and there will be no video because there isnt one.. it takes 10-20 mins MAX to make and post one, not a week..

Lost all your credibility, wont be waiting around to hear anything else from you....

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thanks for giving out your loser friends gamertags/psn ids as wel as your own so we can all send you some abuse you sad sh*t bastards!

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just a bunch of bullshit

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