TranZit Ending Discovered!

Black Ops II Wii-U

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh my I feel bad for you you went through the trouble of trying to troll us and wrote all that for it next time don't make it obvious. 1-Zombies Team said they would never do cutscenes once the game has started. 2-The so called cutscene would have been find out day 1 by the people who have the PC game.

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There is a cut sence goes without warning lost all my money ihad out ffs

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IF there was a room like that you could have seen it from the theater mode . So there is no room like that you say a navcard is in .

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That's not true because in theater mode even glitching below the map you won't see the pack a punch room or get on the other side of the door, but I'm curious this guy is a troll but how come there hasn't been anyone to debunk this yet?  It's quite simple set down turbine, run to pack a punch then each player set a turbine individually while doors open    

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without a vid or a proper detailed step to step guide im gonna call it a troll aswell if he provides proof then my appolagies but untill then TROLLLLLLLL

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someone did try yesterday and it didnt work!!!

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bullshit theater mode purposely dosen't let you go into locked rooms, just like it dosen't let you see buildable items....nice try

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if it is true, you probaly ruined it for us anyway. the guy who hears richtoffen probaly kills 'em

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What is the name of your youtube account?

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8)After exploring the room and all your group has arrived you should see a Nav card on the floor next to the counter thing when you pick it up a cut sence should appear

So this new Navcard had no other use apart from initiating a cut scene? and then ending the game.

Step 8 should have alarm bells ringing in everyones head with regards to the possible validity of this post.

Im not saying its BS because I have not tried it but... A second NAVCARD just sitting on the floor and thats its only purpose?

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